Will Scottish Labour MSPs rejoice as SNP refuses them a tax cut?

It’s the big news for BBC Scotland today as it emerges that the SNP Government is unlikely to pass on the income tax cuts announced by the UK Chancellor today.

Scottish MSPs will miss out on a cut of around £2 000!

Those earning the median wage in Scotland of £25 000 or less, will see no difference but will, of course, benefit from the continued investment of taxation in services.

This is further evidence that the SNP is the left-of-centre party in Scotland or the UK for that matter as SNP Media signalled in February 2022:

Scotland will continue to have the fairest tax system anywhere in the UK as the Scottish Parliament passed a resolution agreeing income tax bands for 2022/23.
As a result, a majority of people in Scotland will continue to pay less in income tax than if they lived elsewhere in the UK, whilst those who earn more will pay proportionately more.
In line with the SNP’s manifesto commitment in the election in May, income tax rates will be frozen for the 2022/23 financial year.
According to the Scottish Fiscal Commission, freezing rates will raise an additional £106m.
Commenting, SNP MSP Michelle Thomson said:
“In Scotland, we are continuing to build a tax system that is the fairest in the UK. The SNP Scottish Government continues to ensure that low- and middle-income earners have extra money in their pocket every month whilst ensuring those who earn the most contribute the most.
“This is particularly important as we face a Tory cost of living crisis as food bills increase and energy bills sky rocket.
“At the same time, the progressive tax system in Scotland means that everyone can benefit from things like free prescriptions and free university tuition. It also ensures the Scottish Government can continue to implement policies that make a difference in people’s lives – such as doubling the Scottish Child Payment in April.
“This is in stark contrast to the Tories at Westminster who have cut Universal Credit at a time when families needed it most.
“This is yet another demonstration of how the Scottish Government continues to support families with one hand tied behind its back. That is why the people of Scotland must have the choice of a fairer, greener future with the full powers of independence.”  


One thought on “Will Scottish Labour MSPs rejoice as SNP refuses them a tax cut?

  1. Mandela on—“Totally relaxed about people becoming filthy rich”!

    I’m pretty sure every person in Blair’s Cabinet became a millionaire.
    Old Labour were open to graft and bungs.
    New Labour?——Greedy to the point of Violet-Elizabeth Bott——eat till you’re sick.


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