Proxy War: One more Glasgow Hospital infection rumour from only one more relative

after contracting Coronavirus last year, has told the BBC she believes hospital officials concealed the full circumstances of his death to protect the reputation of the hospital.

This is today’s headline story which will be repeated as many as 12 times by the end of the day and dominates the website:

Andrew Slorance went into Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital for cancer treatment a year ago.

His wife Louise believes he caught Covid there as well as another life-threatening infection.

The health board said it had been “open and honest”.

It said there had been no attempt to conceal any information from the family.

He died nearly six weeks into his stay, with the cause of his death listed as Covid pneumonia.

But after requesting a copy of his medical notes [which they immediately provide], Mrs Slorance ‘discovered‘ her husband had also been treated for an infection caused by a fungus called aspergillus, which had not been discussed [as she remembers] with either of them during his hospital stay.

The infection is common in the environment but can be extremely dangerous for people with weak immune systems.

Mrs Slorance questions whether it may have played a part in her husband’s death, and if so, why she was not told?

She told the BBC: “I think somebody and probably a number of people have made an active decision not to inform his family of that infection, either during his admission or post-death.”

One understandably upset person, no expert opinion, no evidence, but a headline story. The decision to report, to headline and to frame this story only from the perspective of one person’s emotional response, to then imply wider problems in a hospital, is a deliberate editorial one. It’s an agenda returned to again and again:

A screenshot of a social media post

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A screenshot of a social media post

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There’s never any evidence though it’s easy to find, because presumably it tells you how infection-free Scotland’s hospitals are:

Why Proxy War?

If your enemy is strong look for a weak link.

The current SNP Government is demonstrably the most competent, most popular and most resilient in UK history. The evidence for the competence is below:

Unable to land a blow directly, Scotland’s opposition parties and their media chums have chosen to attack areas for which government is ultimately responsible and which, even though performing well relative to other parts of the UK can still be criticised for not being even better – Health, Education, Policing.

To read how BBC Scotland’s strategy can be revealed as unique in the UK, see:

BBC Scotland’s proxy war against the SNP is now in election mode and the Health Secretary is first in line

For a fuller account of the Proxy War on the SNP via NHS Scotland, see:

As the proxy war on the SNP goes for the health tactic again

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8 thoughts on “Proxy War: One more Glasgow Hospital infection rumour from only one more relative

  1. A delight for BBC Hootsmon. The proxy war goes on, and on…………….

    RCEM has announced that over 4,500 deaths will have resulted from excess waits in England’s NHS system.

    Will this figure be used as background by the BBC that “operates” in Scotland? You can bet it wont.

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  2. I saw the piece on this mans death and his widows interview on BBC Scotland.

    While I can only feel sympathy for her loss, it seemed to me that is was again another patchwork of innuendo from BBC Scotland trying to make anything negative stick on the topic of Covid or the QEUH.

    I do look forward to a future BBC Scotland revelation on about how they found a leak in a tent storing the IKEA furniture from COP26 with a quote from the hospitality sector for good measure.

    The lack of “self awareness” and how ridiculous BBC Scotland output has now become is staggering.

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  3. We know now that the Westminster government has created enabling legislation to allow it to privatise the NHS. That leaves NHS Scotland as an outlier that would need to be ‘dealt with’. A constant drip of insinuation that takes a long time to deal with will use staff resources and reduce public confidence. Could MacPravda be doing Westminster’s dirty work? Surely not.

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    1. Aspergillus is extremely common in most enviroments, but more importantly
      Its spores are extremely resilient and have the potential to lay dormant for a very long time,any person can be carrying such spores picked up in their
      Normal daily enviroment
      Whilst working as Science research officer in Sterile culture rooms the most common form of unwanted contamination of growing medias was always Aspergillus
      As ABC ( BBC) employ and sub contract many researchers
      It is all too obvious that they care not to put this matter in context
      They singularly fail to mention
      1 State what type of cancer
      2 How advanced it was
      3.Time line of covid infection
      4.What form of treatments deployed
      5.Explain what Aspergillus is , probably assuming the Word terrifies
      This is exactly how terrorists work “Kill one and terrify millions ”
      So BBC are actually terrorists but using the crudest form of weaponary
      All these play a massive part in determining if any negligence
      Where is ABC,s balance,integrity,fairness,To Inform and most importantly
      Impartiality in this matter
      Tis all akin to the useless chatter of a online celebrity account or a playground in a primary school

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  4. Two things:

    It can take almost a week after exposure to COVID-19 to have a positive test result.

    Prophylactic medicine is given to prevent infection in immunocompromised patients routinely.

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  5. I already commented over on WGD where it had been raised in comments –
    ” Whoever wrote this opened with the “full details of his illness were concealed to protect the reputation of a troubled hospital”, the exact same conspiracy flag as before and so beloved of the spooks and propagandists – Troubled hospital ? To whom ? Incontinent pigeons ?”

    An immuno-compromised patient may well be treated for POTENTIAL attacks without ever having actually been diagnosed as having contracted the problem, I know that for a fact as a friend who was operated on around the same time for cancer was fed a cocktail of such protections.
    He still somehow contracted Covid, and it was touch and go if he’d survive at one point, but he did.

    Why Mrs Slorance now believes what she appears to do from the article is frankly unfathomable, but grief is never easy, somebody has to be to blame when part of your life has been wrenched away never to return.
    What is very clear however is that whoever (unattributed) penned this article ruthlessly exploited the conspiracy angles including having a pop at Leitch.

    I can’t help wonder when will we hear Anas Sarwar when he’s losing face yet again blurt out “What about Andrew Slorance…?”

    A thoroughly awful propaganda piece I’m sure even Andrew Slorance would have been appalled by…

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