BBC Scotland’s proxy war against the SNP is now in election mode and the Health Secretary is first in line

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Politically-motivated exploitation of personal trauma and the transfer of responsibility from a contractor to a party
An earlier victim of sustained fire from the Scottish news media and their political feeders
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BBC England headline flooding and BBC Wales headline drug abuse. Neither use images of allegedly failed politicians

As the Guardian breaks ranks with the other media, prompted by my correction, to reveal that NHS England A&E is a staggering 20% less effective than NHS Scotland with only 74.5% as opposed to 89.2% seen in 4 hours, BBC Scotland ignore the facts and go for two single cases of alleged failure.

The child infection death story is an unsubstantiated case from 2017 fed to BBC Scotland by a Labour politician. Hospital-acquired infection deaths are, of course, much lower than they were under Labour administrations but longer-term trends, of clear public interest, are not mentioned. The editorial decision to use the picture of the Health Secretary, to call her ‘Freeman’ and to suggest personal failure in the wording recalls the image of the First Minister and the Health Secretary on 12th September clearly setting them up as the heads which must roll based on the comments of a Conservative politician.  The story of ineffective treatments is about NHS England.

The politicising of NHS Scotland is made abundantly clear just by comparison with the work of BBC England and BBC Wales where the background presence of Tory and Labour administrations means that politicians’ heads never have to roll there, and ‘guilty’ faces need not be associated with headlines.

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No heads need roll in the Labour Party
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No heads need roll in the Conservative Party

Though I tend to question the need for conspiracies generally, you have to wonder if the rejection of real news of NHS Scotland’s success and the regular headlining of scare stories of dying children, pigeon-infected hospitals and women in pain does not suggest one, in the offices of BBC Scotland News.

11 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s proxy war against the SNP is now in election mode and the Health Secretary is first in line

  1. I agree with your overall premise, that BBC Scotland examine in minute details problems in Scottish NHS to deflect from the better performance of Scottish NHS, in this case however if information regarding a child’s death has been withheld from parents that would appear to be a serious error of judgement.
    I say this as a doctor & lifelong supporter of Scottish independence.


  2. If true information was withheld from parents then doctors should be hauled over the coals , they are the ones in charge of patients not Jeanne Freeman ,they always cover one another backs . Let the ones that committed the wrongdoing pay the price , not the bystander !

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  3. This appeared on Thyroid UK web site yesterday:

    “A journalist has asked if we can find someone who is interested in being filmed for a Scottish News item.

    She is looking for someone who lives in Scotland and who has either unresolved symptoms on levothyroxine and has been struggling to get T3 or who has had their T3 withdrawn even though they felt well on it.”

    T3 is expensive and difficult to obtain just about everywhere, compared to the usual T4 (levothyroxine) medication for hypothyroidism. Another Scottish NHS bad story in the making?

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  4. I have been on levothyroxine medication for 45 years and been regularly checked. My worry is supply,as this Tory government in trade deals with U.S.A. this week.I have worked and contributed to the N.H.S. as such the cost was free, so about supply and cost,by these secretive Westminster government,who have buying and selling the English N.H.S. since 2012.There should be nothing owned by Scotland in a deal, we voted to stay in the E.U. and have our own products including the N.H.S. Scotland protected!!

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