Neil Mackay, Scotland’s Ross Kemp

Over recent weeks we’ve seen tensions around the planet ratchet up considerably. There’s the weaponisation of space; Cold War in the Pacific threatening to turn hot; and tensions along Europe’s eastern frontier.

Straight-off, you think, well if it’s so dangerous out there for smaller countries, there must be examples of some applying to unite with bigger, more weaponised neighbours who could protect them from…..China? Russia? Iran? Belorus? Tell us Neil?

Why not I wonder? Is that because nobody is currently threatening their smaller neighbours? Even North Korea has gone quiet. Has he seen this:

As for the SNP vision, hasn’t the SNP accepted the NATO umbrella and isn’t the FM big pals with Biden and AOC?

Is Mackay developing a wee career in paranoid journalism? He’s ‘Writer at Large’ but seems to think it’s not safe to go outside. Here are some recent examples of his pungent oeuvre, discussed calmly here:

Are things about to kick off; so he got out of there!?

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6 thoughts on “Neil Mackay, Scotland’s Ross Kemp

  1. This was a scare deployed by Bitter Together c2014 as part of the ‘far too wee and no very good’ denigration of Scotland. What is it that the media assume is uniquely lacking from those of us who live in Scotland compared to those in Malta, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, etc, etc?

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  2. Would an independent Scotland be prepared to continue to fund Westminster’s colonial delusions of still being a global power?
    How on earth does New Zealand manage to contain the threats from China without Trident?
    The threat to an independent Scotland,minus Trident etc,would shift to where it really belongs,England.
    It is England’s government which continues to issue threats against more powerful states around the world and without Scotland as a shield,would have to act less aggressively towards others and seek cooperation and reconciliation.
    Not in the present Tory mindset however.

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  3. Too wee, too weak, too helpless Scotland? At least it’s a variation on a theme!

    The Secretary General of NATO, former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg recently (3 November) addressed a session of the Nordic Council. This was the first time ever that the head of NATO had addressed Nordic parliamentarians directly so it seems there was considerable interest in what he had to say.

    He was of course addressing a group which includes nation states – including ones similar in many ways to what Scotland can be – that are co-operative and well integrated whilst also being independent and distinctive. Some but not all are NATO members; some but not all are in the EU. Stoltenberg’s remarks in the context of this diversity are notable and arguably have some relevance for an independent Scotland.

    Firstly, he emphasised that the Nordic Region is strategically important to NATO “in part because the countries are members and close partners, but also because the region borders the Baltic, which has been subject to increasing tension and rearmament in recent years,”

    Secondly, he stated that the Nordic Region is also “crucial for the North Atlantic link, protecting the ties between North America and Europe during times of crisis or conflict.”

    So far so obvious – geographic location matters.

    During the plenary discussion, Stoltenberg “reaffirmed that NATO’s door remains open to Finland and Sweden, but that he will NOT be giving the Finnish or Swedish prime ministers any good advice regarding membership.” (my emphasis) This appears to be a pragmatic acknowledgement of difference over NATO membership and the legitimacy of such a stance.

    Perhaps of greater interest, Stoltenberg was positive about closer intra-Nordic co-operation on defence, and noted that “co-operation BETWEEN the Nordic countries helps to strengthen relations between NATO and the alliance’s close partners.”

    He commented on the results of a recent opinion poll which suggests that a growing number of those living in the Nordic Region want to see closer co-operation on defence in the region. He said: “This is excellent. As small nations, it’s important that we work together to make even better use of our military capabilities.”

    The implication seems clear: NATO values ITS RELATIONSHIPS with smaller nation states in strategically important geographic locations including with those that are not NATO members. And it sees value in the closer co-operation on defence BETWEEN smaller nation states even where not all are NATO members.


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    1. Interesting thanks for that Stewart. Scotland is surely geographically strategically placed to be vital to the Nordic countries, as wel as the US, so would have some leverage as an independent country, ‘in a world where the threat of war grows daily’.
      As you say John there is sabre rattling going on now, also wars in Africa, Sudan, Ethiopia, terrible situation for the people there.

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  4. The threat of war is precisely that, a threat, yet Mackay’s recycling of this old canard as copy is quite something else –
    “Over recent weeks we’ve seen tensions around the planet ratchet up considerably” – where ? Nobody noticed in Ullapool, and if any are watching for tight belts around the planet these boys will be on it with a pair of scissors and back in time for breakfast part 3.
    “There’s the weaponisation of space; ” – in recent weeks, yet none have deployed the Slim Whitman’s “Indian Love Call” satellites, and if so why Not ?
    “Cold War in the Pacific threatening to turn hot;” – inversion of the turkish bath and cold plunge last night which this article continues to fund.
    and finally
    “tensions along Europe’s eastern frontier” – Tensions have always been there, only the western ones are new.

    Sad, but pays for the Turkish baths…


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