Frankie Boyle’s compromise for air time

I know, I’m going on a bit on this one but I’m angry.

I don’t think Frankie Boyle was ever formally banned by the BBC but they have cut him out after he wished the Queen was dead and there were demands from the Tories for him to be banned after an IRA joke.

He was a rare presence for a while then crept back in an apolitical, enjoyable series on football travels before getting his apparently radical series New World Order.

He’s clearly come to some accommodation where he can still be personally abusive to some people’s appearances including joining in with the lazy and odd attacks on Nicola Sturgeon in the ‘she looks like one of the Crankies’ tradition loved by Tory gammons.

Most obvious is his backing away from support for independence and repeating inaccurate claims about the SNP.

In the most recent show, he regurgitated that notion, common across the mostly elderly white male Unionists that the SNP Government’s image is not justified by its performance. I’ve lost count of how many old guys have claimed this regardless of the actual facts.

So, despite the limitations in the devolution settlement, in terms of control over taxation, benefits and investment in jobs and infrastructure:

  • By some way the lowest child poverty in the UK
  • The homeless rate half that in England
  • The fastest emergency services in the UK
  • The lowest Covid infection rate over the pandemic
  • The second lowest Covid death rate over the pandemic
  • Majority of income taxpayers (less well-paid) pay less income tax than rUK
  • Twice as much affordable housing

That’s a bit more competent than the UK Government?


Higher income taxes and public spending in Scotland?

And of course you can add to that:

1. Baby Box – Giving every baby born in Scotland the best start in life by providing families with a Baby Box, filled with essential items needed in the first six months of a child’s life.

2. Childcare – All eligible children now benefit from at least 1,140 hours of funded early learning and childcare, saving families around £4,500 per child per year.

3. Free Tuition – Students in England face tuition fees up to £27,750 – Scottish students receive university tuition for free, and always will under the SNP.

4. Period Poverty – Scotland is the first in the world to make sanitary products available to all those who need them, free of charge.

5. Record high health funding – Our latest health and care portfolio spending exceeds £16 billion, with resource funding up by over 60% under the SNP.

6. Free prescriptions – Prescription charges abolished in Scotland – now £9.35 per item south of the border.

7. Free NHS dental care – We have already abolished NHS dental fees for all under-26 year olds, and we will deliver free dental care for everybody by the end of this Parliament.

8. Care For All – Free personal and nursing care extended to everyone who needs it, regardless of age – and we’re now taking steps towards a transformative National Care Service.

9. Free Bus Travel – Over one million Scots now enjoy free bus travel across the country, including over-60s and disabled people – and we’re now expanding it further to all young people under 22.

10. Scottish Child Payment – Our new benefit for families, the only one of its kind in the UK, has been called “game-changing” by anti-poverty campaigners, and will help lift around 30,000 children out of poverty.

Delivering for Scotland

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9 thoughts on “Frankie Boyle’s compromise for air time

  1. I have always considered real comedy at its highest level to truly be a art form
    And in order to do so its main function
    Is to tell the raw truth
    Generally Boyle is a artist and well and truly tells the truth in a artful comedic
    But is obviously bound in certain areas by mainly the ABC ( BBC )
    And has learnt that The Dog as seen as Mad by many , must never bite the hand that feeds it
    I am certain if not constrained his comedy would be none other than a wrecking ball to the cause of the Union

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    1. PremONEUK,
      The point here is he is NOT ‘telling the truth’ he is using his BBC platform to undermine the SNP and the FM of Scotland, with what is fabrication at best, with some contempt, insults and ridicule added in for good measure. He is doing the BritNats’ job, has he been offered a peerage as well lol?! It seems he works in an unconstrianed manner, and you know he is not even damn funny at all, he never was!
      Another tool of the Brit state, shame on him, and it’s not a good look, I’d say silly man but he is being paid to verbalise BritNat hatred towwards his own country, because ridicule and personal insult, slurs on someone’s personality and standing, (excuse the pun!) is in my book, a form of bullying and hate.

      Oh and we can add to John’s list.


      Mitigating the EngGov’s thoroughly cruel bedroom tax, two child rape clause.

      Also we can add to the positive real on the ground work the SNP are actually doing for the people of Scotland;

      Free bus passes for young up to age 25 now I think John (?) I think also free rail travel for those up to age 22, retaining student nurses bursary, carers supplement to help those who are reliant on just £66 a week via the EngGovs’ DWP, for caring for their disabled loved ones. Etc. Also investment in social care and they have given councils across Scotland a few quid to fund respite for unpaid carers in various forms, via carers organisations etc.

      The SNP are mitigating Tory/Labour cuts to the most vulnerable and poor, and at the same time, having to repair the disgraceful and tragic damage to Scotland’s communities which went on for decades and decades, ie, delapidated, shoddy housing, drugs taken in, joblessness and hopelessness.

      The EngGov have kept Scotland poor, handing out a few crumbs, saying be grateful sweaty jocks ha ha ha, while robbing Scotland blind to the tune of £trillions.
      Time for Scotland to take back control, Scotland can do without the F. Boyles, he should go and joke about the regions of England but he would be run out of town, they would never stand for someone taking the rip out of their regions no matter how bad they are or how their chosen troughing lying politicians pi** on them from on high!

      Sorry long comment.

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      1. You could also add in bursaries for student nurses/midwives of £10,000 which means that they leave Uni pretty well debt free – no tuition fees either – thus able to enjoy the full benefits of any pay rises when they graduate. Unlike their counterparts down south who leave Uni with humungous debts and may have to start paying their loans back earlier because the UK Gov is talking about lowering the income threshold at which graduates have to start paying back loans.

        Oh yes, and the increase in numbers of student nurses starting Uni this year – well over 4,000.

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    2. premieroneuk writes: “… must never bite the hand that feeds it” and “I am certain if not constrained his comedy would be none other than a wrecking ball to the cause of the Union.” Really?

      Candidly, I’m struggling with the logic here in what appears to be an attempt to explain and/or excuse Mr Boyle’s ‘humour’ in this instance.

      A comedian chooses where to focus their material: the comedian isn’t obliged to present negative, disparaging, insulting content regarding Scotland and its government. Unless the implication is that the individual is opting proactively to curry favour with a paymaster knowing the latter’s preferences or being forced to include a certain type of material! I find the latter less likely.

      To me there is a HUGE difference between: (a) a comedian acceding to a paymaster by the AVOIDANCE of any positive, supportive reference to a particular topic on the one hand and (b) deliberating INCLUDING denigration on the topic on the other. The difference between ‘biting’ the hand and ‘kissing’ the hand perhaps?

      Acceding to a constraint on one’s comedy leading to omission might just be understandable – professionally pragmatic. A ‘constraint’ which results in the comedian choosing to denigrate is a different thing entirely. Moreover, would it not be hard to imagine the latter course of action by someone who it is claimed here could be “a wrecking ball to the cause of the Union”?

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  2. O/T I know, but now the Hon Sarah is off to America, will the BBC and BBC Hootsmon High Command be able to coax Lord’n’Lady Baroness, Her Highness and Sublimely Fragrant Ladyship, Ruthie Van Der Tank, to take up the reins as *GOVERNESS* of news management, lies and agitprop against Scotland, and on behalf of “Great Britishness”.

    There would be loads of roubles, a signed photo of Thatcher, free buffalo pies-for-life: a place at Eton & a Peerage for the sprog.

    DRossie would come free as a human gopher and personal footstool.

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    1. gavinochiltree
      In this instance you are placing DDrossi
      Way above his true worth
      But me being a gentleman
      I kindly refrain from saying exactly what he maybe useful as

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    2. She is going across the pond again, woohoo good rid!
      Ruthie van der tank! Brilliant description. Peerage for the sprog, she’s probably already signed the contract lol!
      Drossie the footstool, ha ha! Thanks for the laugh G, much needed and appreciated these days!

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