Scotland now has lowest weekly Covid death rate in UK but it’s not in your interest to know

BBC Scotland has more important tasks than telling that news.

They’re far to busy supporting bar and restaurant owners with no degrees in epidemiology but casting doubt on the vaccine passports even though every prof thinks they’re a very good thing.

They’re far to busy trying to drag Scotland into the cricket racism story – don’t think you’re any better!

They’re far to busy worrying you with money problems and murder.

They’re far to busy distracting you with stories about Gogglebox, elderly black belts in Karate and dog poo.

Where would they find the space for falling death rates. It’s not as if they’ve gone up and become newsworthy is it? What would they have chopped?

What are those Covid death rates?

Oh, yeh, forgot that. I’m too depressed to care now, though the Gogglebox and the Karate stories did make me smile.


  1. Northern Ireland – 227 per 1 000
  2. Wales – 170 per 1 00
  3. England – 146 per 1 000
  4. Scotland – 121 per 1 000

Quite a few deaths fewer?

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