‘Cancellation Avalanche’ is based on pub rhetoric

By stewartb

BBC News website on its Scotland pages today has an article entitled: ‘Cancellation avalanche fears over vaccine passports’.

Now it’s one thing for this ‘public service’ organisation to amplify the commercial concerns of a company, in this case the Signature group of pubs/restaurants, but this BBC article goes way beyond that.

It gives a platform to a Ms McLean who ‘runs 20 bars’ to express her views not just on business concerns but also on public health matters – on the role of vaccination in the management of a pandemic and on virus transmission.

I’m also obliged (!) to BBC Scotland for passing on this conclusion: “Ms Maclean believes pub and restaurant-goers WILL QUESTION THE POINT of vaccine certification.’ (my emphasis) Based on the public health knowledge she cites?

On potential further government action aimed at suppressing the virus, Ms McLean asserts: “which it’s not going to do anyway.”

Having failed to balance this ‘expert’ public health opinion from the Signature group with input from credible public health expertise within the same article, BBC Scotland goes further in its ‘public service’ by opening this article up to btl comments with some predictable results.

Footnote from Ed:

Limited effect of previous lockdowns: Total insolvencies are now a third of the level in 2012 and just over half that in the months before the pandemic emerged (Q4 2019).



7 thoughts on “‘Cancellation Avalanche’ is based on pub rhetoric

  1. Copied on from your original comment –
    “BBC Scotland goes further in its ‘public service’ by opening this article up to btl comments with some predictable results” – The BBC Scotland pages do not open “Comments” for intelligent debate but as adjunct to their propaganda pieces with more propaganda.

    You can see the same pattern with every article, if they (SO?) wish to promote it “Comments” are open and within seconds of publication the comments pile in seconds apart, in this case 10 in the first five minutes from 1525.

    Now figure on it being say a 5 – 10 minute read….

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  2. With avalanches and tsunamis, not only is the hospitality business at the ‘cutting edge’ epidemiologically and virologically, but clearly knows a great deal about the forces generated within the earth by climatological effects. Is there no end to their brilliance?

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  3. They are like anti vaxers, the BBC reporting is lies and distortions, crap in other words. It is a great pity that some will believe this message. It is up to all of us with a brain to help the government control efforts in anyway we can. I have already shopped two places for not doing track and trace. The policing is done by the council environment/trading standards departments.

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  4. “Ms McLean who ‘runs 20 bars’”

    I may be doing her a disservice, but it strikes me that, if she’s got 20 bars and no system in place to check vaccination certs etc (a few seconds’ job), they’re not being “run” very well.

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    1. Whilst on the topic of BBC Scotland and the hospitality sector, note this also from today, 17 November.

      The BBC News website’s Scotland page has an article entitled:‘Scotland’s bottle deposit return scheme delayed again’.

      The BBC Scotland article lists only negative criticisms of the Scottish Government for the delay in the DRS from a number of sources:
      – the Scottish Conservative’s Maurice Golden
      – Labour’s Mercedes Villalba
      – the Lib Dem’s Liam McArthur
      – Greenpeace.

      Now I have no knowledge of whether a delay is justified or not but I try to be an ‘alert reader ‘ and I am willing to do some basic research especially when something smells! Can you spot what’s missing?

      As we know, a feature of BBC Scotland’s news coverage recently has been its ‘enthusiasm’ for giving a platform to views of the hospitality sector. However, it seems as if this is conditional on the sector adversely criticising the Scottish Government. My evidence?

      What follows comes from the website of UK Hospitality today (https://www.ukhospitality.org.uk/news/587251/Delay-to-DRS-the-right-decision-says-UKHospitality-Scotland.htm )

      It has a statement under this heading: ‘Delay to DRS the right decision, says UKHospitality Scotland’.

      ‘Commenting on the delay to the introduction of the Scottish Government’s Deposit Return Scheme, Executive Director for UKHospitality Scotland, Leon Thompson, said:

      “Scotland’s hospitality sector WELCOMES today’s news of a delay to the introduction of the Deposit Return Scheme. Given the issues besetting businesses right now, a start date of July 2022 was never going to be achievable. However, we now await confirmation of the timescale the Scottish Government and Circularity Scotland are working to.

      “…. a delay to the start of DRS until later in 2023 CAN ENSURE THE SCHEME WORKS for business, consumers and the environment.” (my emphasis)

      You won’t find this industry support mentioned in the BBC Scotland online coverage!!! Did it seek an industry view? Did it ask, get and decide to omit? As trust in BBC Scotland’s been lost long since nothing would be a surprise!

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      1. Indeed the entire slant of this unattributed article is obvious from the opening lines, were it other than the current administration, would ministers be “citing” rather than “blaming” reasons ?

        That opening gambit also states “row over tax rules” implying a spat, rather than London, yet again, playing silly buggers over VAT rules.
        We’ve been down this road before over SG initiatives (Police and Fire Brigade etc. reorganisation), all for a WM Minister’s agreement to amend, a 1 minute exercise.

        The final flourish of “Greenpeace was critical of her position” is equally slanted, the Greenpeace Tweet merely contrast images of “How it started:” with “How it’s going:”, Slater’s Twitter post in May criticising the delay, a Guardian article from 2 days ago predicting the delay, no “critical of her position”.

        These unattributed articles are increasing becoming the norm via the BBC, the propaganda pieces none wish to put their name to….


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