Say after us: ‘Scotland is more polluted!’

The Herald

The Herald’s one-sided ahistorical account, written for it by the Labour Party’s chums at the Ferret, reaches Day 3 with accounts of air pollution rising in some of our streets. You know, those places where combustion engines do cause a lot of pollution, do put lives at risk and, of course, where the decisions that matter if you’d like to change things, are reserved to Westminster and have been since the first combustion engine vehicle appeared in 1892, Tory or Labour government.

Once more, I’m not saying it’s OK but I am saying our media should be giving us the context we need to judge the situation objectively and not just platforming those groups determined to blame the SNP.

Here’s some:

Graph to show estimated UK annual emissions of studied pollutants from 1970 to 2010

Policies to improve air quality in the UK over the past 40 years have led to significant reductions in pollution and associated mortality rates, a new study has found. Research led by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology charted the levels of emissions of a variety of air pollutants in the UK between 1970 and 2010 – a period in which there was a raft of national and European legislation to tackle pollution.

See that ‘European?’ Maybe we should rejoin?

And this:

Today’s forecast.

The Herald

6 thoughts on “Say after us: ‘Scotland is more polluted!’

  1. Sadly, while I have a fair bit of time for most of the Ferret team, when it comes to ecological matters, they tend to adopt a catastrophic and doom-laden tone. This has been very common amongst many of the eco-campaigners- presenting things in such stark terms with the (misguided, in my view) intention of shocking people into ‘awareness’.

    Other campaigners, especially the professional offence takers employed by a wide range of charities on a range of issues adopt a similar approach. I think this fails on two counts:
    firstly, it invites people to say, “Since we are all doomed anyway, why bother changing? Most of your previous dire prognostications have not come to pass;”

    and secondly, it shows a gross contempt for the intelligence of the rest of us: in effect, they are saying, “you are too thick to understand this, without us telling you”. In that, they are equivalent to the paternalistic attitude of the very people who are causing the trouble in the first place.

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  2. I imagine Herald reader everywhere (5,000+ ?) will be bombarding the comments sections with enquiries, “which third of my street is the dirty end ?”.

    Never noted for holding back on hyperbole, “toxic” takes centre stage, yet why no PM10 comparative data of actual ” poisonous material especially when capable of causing death or serious debilitation” content from the PM10 analyses ?

    First there is the blinding with bullshit – PM10 particles are a common air pollutant, fair enough but, every time I fire up a rollie (I know I know don’t lecture), or it rains then the sun fires up driving up humidity, or fog rolls in off the hills, or a tractor hauling grain passes, a PM10 sensor would be rattling off high readings despite me being out in the boonies – Toxic ?
    Currently surrounded by PM10 particulate and honey bee contributions, yep they’re still about at 22c daytimes, out under the terrace watching the sun go down, armed only with a cold beer against the threat of a horse and cart passing on it’s way back from the fields sending the PM10 “toxic” particulate sky high…

    Air and water pollution across Scotland is markedly low, media pollution is not currently measured but I’m pretty sure were it a SEPA remit there would be prohibition notice on many editors’ desks in the morning…

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  3. Sky news this evening on their ‘Climate’ ‘Air Pollution’ index showing the whole of Scotland, Wales and much of England at level 3 whilst London and the Kent area amongst others at Level 1 (very lowest). Aye right; and on the next item highlighting countries like Oz etc trying to press the UN to doctor their pollution figs. To think some people still actually take this drivel as accurate news.

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    1. Looks like they are a bit confused London is one of the most polluted cities in the world. Should imagine Birmingham and Manchester won’t be very air friendly either.


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