Jackie Baillie feeds Scotsman scare as infections in Scotland plateau way below rUK

The Scotsman

In a piece largely driven by UK data, the Scotsman allow Scottish Labour’s Jackie Baillie a platform to scare the public with, of course, an ill-informed rant:

Scottish Labour said it was time to “raise the alarm” over Scotland’s Covid situation.

“It is clear now that case numbers remain at a worrying level across Scotland and that more lives are being lost,” said health spokesperson Jackie Baillie.

“Despite this, the SNP government continues to keep its head in the sand and pretend that everything is going to plan.

“We know that vaccination is key to tackling this pandemic. But in the face of rising cases, we are seeing a sluggish roll-out of the booster programme.

“Enough is enough. We need the SNP government to end the complacency and take action now to ramp up the programme to keep people safe.”


Are case numbers at a worrying level?

Well, too high, I agree, but a fraction of those in Labour-run Wales.

Are they rising, as the headline suggests?

Well, a bit in the last two days but way down on previous peaks, probably flat, too soon to call a news trend unlike in England and Wales.

And the vaccine rollout? Well, I already did a comparison with England and, if we can trust their data, it’s about the same as in Scotland. As for Wales, they’ll release the data next week!

The Scotsman

11 thoughts on “Jackie Baillie feeds Scotsman scare as infections in Scotland plateau way below rUK

  1. Javid has put all his eggs in the booster basket so the rest of the unionists are going to carry it. No evidence that boosters will help. Plenty evidence that masks and gathering restrictions work. Vaccination does not prevent transmission.

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  2. Jackie Baillie embraces that ”Blitz” spirit that Brits do so well !
    ”We are all in it together !” – so she and her party relentlessly attempt to undermine the Scottish Government Health messaging at every turn .

    Would she prefer the Tories to be in control ? Probably !

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    1. She is only an elected MSP on the back of tactical Tory votes and is the sole Labour MSP in favour of nuclear weapons. In this she is echoing the coordinated statements by Alx Coco the Clown and the Tory MSP who is a ‘hard-working GP’.

      Re boosters – my wife and I received notice two weeks ago that we would get boosters and flu jags this coming Saturday

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  3. Jackass Bailie says “Enough is enough”, everybody agrees, but she insists on talking all the same.
    As with Aesop’s fable of the shepherd, one of these days Baillie will fulminate over something which is actually true and nobody will believe a word of it, until a SG Minister admits the mistake, owns it and apologises.

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  4. This graph in the link below is from the Daily Telegraph and the quote below it is from Mr Javid.

    It shows the situation across the 4 nations quite starkly

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  5. Starmer has a piece in the Daily Express (a very socialist minded organ!!! NOT) criticising ‘Sturgeon’ – ‘as bad as Johnson’. This follows a piece in the Sun, which obviously would not go down well in Liverpool. Prior to 1997 and while in Government, Blair, the Bodger, Madelson, Straw, Blunkett wrote regularly in the Mail, Express, Sun, Telegraph. The reason was that focus groups ‘told’ them that the biggest group of potential switchers to Labour were ‘soft Tories’. So, the strategy was to present themselves as moderate, right wing, and unlikely to do anything too radical to affect the standards of life of these soft Tory voters. So, clearly, Labour is placing itself as a rightwing, neoliberal party.

    Sarwar and Baillie were both privately educated. Baillie is a supporter of Trident. They support nuclear energy production. The only two FPTP elected Labour MSPs ‘won’ their seats because of tactical voting by Tories and Lib Dems. Their only MP, Union Jack Murray. has held his seat only because Tory voters in Morningside support him. Scotland in Union funds campaigns. However, despite this they continue to slide in the polls with only 15% voting for them in a recent council bye election in Falkirk. They lost vote share to SNP, Tories and Greens, with the biggest slice going to the Tories. A fair chunk went to SNP. Clearly, increasing numbers of voters think, “What is Scottish Labour FOR?” Blair and the Bodger could count on upwards of 40 Scottish MPs. Now they need 26 in Scotland to just equal the Tories, assuming they make sufficient gains in England. I cannot see them winning more than 1. So, no labour Government in the UK again. Starmer has accepted that UK means England, hence, the patriotism, the purge of Corbynites and the non-redistributive policies, if, indeed, anyone can work out from his vacuous utterances that Labour actually has policies other than, “we are a wee bit nicer than the Tories”.

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