Herald wins ‘We’ll Print Anything’ award with ‘Only one in a thousand parents ‘blast’ school mask rules

Also the winning the Mince award for journalism, the Herald tell us:

Critics have attacked a decision to continue making secondary pupils wear masks in classrooms, branding it an “assault on children’s rights”.

Members of Stand By Me Scotland (SBMS), a parent-teacher campaign group, said they were “appalled and disgusted” after ministers announced current Covid-19 mitigations in schools would be extended.


Stand By Me Scotland has 1 151 members. They don’t have to be parents with bairns in school.

There are 792 000 pupils in Scotland’s schools.

How many parents or carers do they have?

Let’s give SBMS the benefit of the doubt and say only 1 150 000 so that’s 1 in 1 000?

Who are SBMS? ‘A private group’ with a website and these two Tory friends:

Jeremy Balfour and Douglas Lumsden

In their blog going back to August 2021, they have zero comments to their six posts:


A mass protest of 12, by the group on 3rd October at Holyrood:

Who supports face masks in the classroom?

  • The 55 000 teachers in the EIS
  • All of the Scottish Government advisers and senior health officers.
  • The World Health Organisation
  • The UK Conservative Government


Why is the Herald promoting this fake news from unreliable sources?

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6 thoughts on “Herald wins ‘We’ll Print Anything’ award with ‘Only one in a thousand parents ‘blast’ school mask rules

  1. Desperation, does anyone buy this rubbish anymore? Maybe they do, I haven’t seen the Herald in the shops lately, is someone nabbing them all?
    Security at Holyrood must have been on high alert with those thousands of umbrella activists, how terrifying, what does no more protests Patel have to say about that!

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  2. The BBC have been at this all week with their “Covid in Scotland: Face mask rules to remain in Scottish schools” (1 day old thanks to the Tardis), featuring the waffle-merchant Oliver Mundell with “analysis” by Lucy Whyte, as anti-SG propaganda goes, pretty damned obvious.

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  3. As the days go on- I keep thinking I couldn’t be angrier but they keep proving me wrong. Thank goodness for your blog– I will keep sharing on Twitter and FB. I tested positive this week so have more time with the laptop for 10 days. I hope you dont mind but I have also used the two photos on FB to illustrate my reaction to what they have done. Those two MSPs are monsters in my opinion…. absolutely vile and totally irresponsible.
    Here is what I posted on FB using the photos:
    Below this post there is a photograph of two Scottish Conservative Unionist MSPs meeting 12 people from an obscure group who – it appears from their umbrellas – recently visited the Scottish Parliament to attack our Government’s instruction that secondary pupils should wear masks in schools.
    Here is a comment from the Chairman of the British Medical Association Council- about the current behaviour of Conservative Unionist Cabinet in London who have just refused to take further measures against the spread of Covid in England:
    ““It is wilfully negligent of the Westminster Government not to be taking any further action to reduce the spread of infection, such as mandatory mask wearing, physical distancing and ventilation requirements in high-risk settings, particularly indoor crowded spaces.
    “These are measures that are the norm in many other nations.”
    Meanwhile, former chief scientific adviser Professor Sir Mark Walport said the current restrictions against coronavirus are probably “not holding things”.
    Here is what Professor Chris Whitty said about secondary school children in September:
    “LONDON, Sept 22 (Reuters) – England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said on Wednesday that COVID-19 transmission was currently highest in 12- to 15-year-olds, and that almost all unvaccinated children would get infected at some point.”
    Covid is still dangerous- whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated. It can be lethal. Long Covid has already blighted the lives of thousands of people- young and old.”
    Most of us will have family and friends involved in secondary schools one way or another. After that awful announcement yesterday, Boris Johnson’s words “Let the bodies pile up” burned in my head .
    Today- this picture of Tory MSPs consorting with people who want to stop masks being worn in secondary schools in Scotland- wilfully undermining our Scottish Government’s compliance with international and WHO recommendations- makes me very, very angry. Lives are at stake.
    They have sunk to a new low. I won’t forget.

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