Starmer far worse than FM says Robertson

Note first, the classic ‘Sturgeon’ disrespect. They’ve changed it on the website now to call him ‘Johnson’.

I’m going to be lazy again, of maybe efficient (?) and just use my May 2021 rebuttal of Macwhirter’s ‘Sturgeon no better’ drivel.

Here it is:

Johnson and his SAGE chums delayed the lockdown. The power to do so, but still without the power to borrow for furlough, was devolved only at the end of March 2020. Scottish advisers could attend SAGE but not debate decisions. Johnson spoke of ‘taking it on the chin’ and Whitty is still on Youtube explaining why we should let the virus run through the population. Scottish adviser, Prof Sridhar, had been calling for a lockdown in early February but the FM had little choice but to go along with the 4 Nations approach to avoid panic.

In the first wave, there were significantly fewer deaths in Scottish care homes and in January to March 2021, after PHE failed to use the Pfizer jag in them, care home deaths in Scotland were less than half as high as in England.

Community testing was halted because it is so unreliable, can encourage risk taking and is a waste of resources when you have a good test and trace system running in local authorities.

Schools play almost no part in community spread and the psychological benefits of opening are immense.

Over the pandemic, the infection rate was more than 50% higher in England and the death rate a third higher. Who gets the credit? Anyone?

Afterthought, while we’re doing comparisons, how about with another Labour leader?

Current infection rate in Scotland is 316.5 per 100K while in Wales it’s 624.7, twice as high. Over the whole pandemic, 11 254 per 100K in Scotland and 12 881 in Wales.

Death rate over the whole pandemic 164.3 per 100K in Scotland and 190.9 in Wales.

Percentage vaccinated in Scotland is 78.56 and Wales 76.33.

How confident would we be in Starmer’s right-wing government being any better that the PM?

9 thoughts on “Starmer far worse than FM says Robertson

  1. This “Scotland/SG/etc is no better than the rest of the UK” has been a common trope amongst unionists and, especially, the Labour Party. Knowing several, otherwise intelligent people who are still in the Labour Party I have heard it often from them. It is part of the ‘nationalist identity politics’ straw man they have created to shield themselves from accepting the fact that the Labour Party in Scotland is dead and is not going to recover the support of people like me and the hundreds of thousands of people like me who stopped voting for them in the period of the Iraq war and beyond, including its perfidy in 2014.

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    1. Suppose it makes a change from the Labour party’s myth they used to love telling folks, ‘that SNP let Thatcher in!’. Now that’s been debunked, it was their own side who ‘let Thatcher in’, they have little to attack the SNP with to try to take voted from them. Labour and any other London based party should never be at the helm in Scotland ever again at Holyrood.


  2. I actually thought that Starmer would put his brain in gear for once, but alas..

    No idea what he researches, or maybe he doesn’t. Maybe its just BBC Scotland he is tuned into. Either way Labour is not going gain any traction in Scotland with this guy in charge.

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  3. Wasn’t Starmer’s Scottish Lt , Sarwar , and his cronies calling for hospitals to be cleared faster of OAPs at the outset ?
    Where did they want them to go – oh , Care Homes !
    Now they want to claim ( contrary to several scientific studies ) that this was the main factor in the Care Homes death rates .

    Cake and eat it springs to mind !

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  4. ‘Nicola Sturgeon continues to talk up the prospect of Scottish independence in an attempt to conceal her “appalling” record in government, Sir Keir Starmer has claimed. ‘
    He’s a bit muddled. He accepts that Scottish independence is more important in Scotland than NS’s alleged failings


    1. Oh that’s a bit of a cheek when his party did nothing positive for Scotalnd whatsoever in their TEN year tenure at Holyrood. They did though plunge Scottish councils into £BILLIONS of ‘debt’ with their PFI scams, still having to be paid to this ady and for what, shoddy buildings and they won’t even be owned by Scotland once the £BILLIONS have been paid, in what 20 years time?
      I cannot abide Labour party branch in Scotland and their London masters they are a disgrace to democracy. They also sent £BILLIONS back to Westminster in their tenure at Holyrood saying ‘nothing to spend it on in Scotland’, that alone should have the people of Scotland vowing (the vow!) to never ever let them near the levers of power in Scotland again, which is pretty much the case in fact.

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  5. Covid should never have been a political football, and fair play to the FM and Mark Drakeford in not reacting to the London mafia and political games-meisters, always measured tones with the occasional rebuke, let the arseholes bury themselves.

    Few can be in doubt Starmer’s focus is Middle England and his sole objective is returning Labour to power, NOT improving life for the vast majority on these isles.
    He’s challenging the same Westminster power game the Tories have dominated for decades, the Gollum syndrome, “my preciousss….”, the one ring to unite us all.

    Blinded by political ambition.

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  6. Starmer no better than Johnston. Labour supports all the Tories policies. Austerity and Brexit. They are supposed to an opposition. They are too busy suing each other. They are spending £2Million suing each other.

    Every one in Scotland knows the SNP Gov are doing better. That is why they vote for them. Outstanding victories. In a D’Hond’t system introduced to favour unionists, without a mandate. Labour support is falling further and further, especially in Scotland. Even with the Tory shambles and mess Labour are not doing any better.


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