Only NHS Scotland need apologise despite the best emergency services in the UK

In August (the most recent monthly data), NHS Scotland’s A&E department’s saw 77.8% within 4 hours.

In the same period, NHS England saw, on average, only 66.2% and NHS Wales saw only 60.1%.

NHS Scotland is thus 17.5% faster (11.6% of 66.2) than England and 26.5% faster than Wales.

Today, as NHS Forth apologised for only treating 41% in 4 hours, BBC Scotland tell us:

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said the latest figures were “not sustainable” and called for an independent review.

He said: “Staff in health boards like Forth Valley cannot and should not be expected to work through another six months of this.

“The pressure, stress and anxiety are off the scale, because people are not receiving the timely treatment they should be able to expect.”

A Scottish government spokeswoman said the Covid pandemic had “inevitably” affected attendance at Accident and Emergency departments.

She said: “To minimise pressures as much as possible this winter, we’ve recently announced £300m of measures to help increase NHS and social care capacity in our hospitals and reduce delayed discharges.

“In the meantime we will continue to work closely with those sites facing the greatest challenges to ensure rapid recovery plans are in place and are in contact daily.”

On the 23rd September, BBC Wales reported widespread delays and one hospital only managing 40.7% in 4 hours. NHS Wales and the Welsh Government were not apologising by any means, just blaming the pressure on them.

The Conservative health spokesman does get to criticise Labour but they are not required to respond. The health boards do.

3 thoughts on “Only NHS Scotland need apologise despite the best emergency services in the UK

  1. Just heard on BBC England cases are far lower in Scotland and England should following us on masks and passport dear o dear what is going on they want to follow us I wonder if RS will be report that.

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  2. A C -Hamilton calls for an Independent Review into A&E .

    Yeah, Alex , that will help . Let’s take up valuable TIME having a Review . In fact , why don’t YOU carry out the review – take as much time as you need ( say , the next five years ! ) and get back to us with your findings .
    Oh , and be sure to leak any SNPBaaad anecdotes that you discover along the way .

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