My Ferret Newsletter needed correction

Hi John,

You may have heard the phrase ‘journalism in the public interest’ – which is often mis-used by The Ferret and other media. This means we pretend to work in your interest but more the Scottish Labour Party, at all times and think long and hard, after consulting Unionist politicians, about the issues we should investigate. Our aim is to bring negative change by exposing the SNP.

Last week, for example, we published our How Green is Scotland? SNP hatchet job, with the pro-Union corporate Herald which distorted a range of environmental issues and ignored any positive ones, including climate targets and the state of Scotland’s biodiversity ahead of COP26.

For The Ferret, journalism is about shining a light into the SNP. Lots of light into lots of corners – consistent light. It’s about digging for the truth and backing those in power at Labour HQ, London.  

Thank you for supporting The Ferret [I don’t but do subscribe to England’s Canary] and enabling us to sometimes pursue public interest journalism.


The Ferret

The Herald’s boss:

The Prime Minister, pictured right, with Newsquest editorial director Toby Granville

My evidence that the Ferret is unlike the excellent, principled, anti-establishment Canary, in England?

In February 2020, I noted the Canary’s real journalism in the public interest, in Scotland:

I can’t remember finding fault with anything written by the Canary, but Scotland’s own Ferret? Funded at least initially by Cooperative/Labour, now by Newsquest (?) and often writing for the Scottish MSM, they’ll insist, no doubt, they are impartial but they’re kidding themselves and their readers.

Last week as they pushed their corporate hatchet job on the SNP’s Green achievements, I wrote:

In the Herald by the Ferret’s Paul Dobson:

The Scottish Government has missed its targets on reducing climate emissions in five of the seven sectors set out in its 2018 plan to tackle climate change.

Day 5 of the Herald/Labour/Ferret to undermine Scotland’s achievements and, in so doing, distracting from Tory/UK/corporate failures.

The Ferret is correct, in that aspirational targets have not been met but oh so wrong, at times, in it’s use of misleading data. I haven’t got the energy to dig into today’s set but yesterday, they distorted the evidence on water pollution:

The day before, it was a scare story on air pollution with no context, as if the Ferret is really just a tabloid:

On Wednesday 20th, Day 2 of their ‘special’ it was wildlife at risk and again no context, just a scare worthy of the Sun:

Today, it’s just another one sided piece of tabloid journalism unconcerned to properly inform. There’s none of the positives in the balance, like these:

Country% of electricity from renewables
Scotland 97%
Bosnia and Herzogvina45.48
North Macedonia23.78
Czech Republic14.05


Lord Deben, chair of the Climate Change Committee and former UK Environment Secretary told Holyrood’s Net Zero committee that Scotland’s approach has allowed him to ‘say to other parts of the United Kingdom why don’t they do it as well as the Scots?’

Scotland has passed world-leading climate change legislation as part of our aim to become a net zero country by 2045 – something hailed by the UN as “an inspiring example of the level of ambition we need globally”.  


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UK Electricity Transfers - Weegie Fifer



The UN climate change secretary has praised Scotland’s progress on climate change as “exemplary”.

The Climate Change Act, passed in 2009 by the Scottish Parliament, set binding targets to cut emissions for each year until 2020.

Christiana Figueres told BBC Scotland that, despite the Scottish government not meeting its interim targets, she was impressed by the pace of change.

She said the fact that emissions had been cut by 38% was “quite impressive”.

Speaking to BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme during a visit to Edinburgh, she said: “If we’re moving back on the trend, that is not good, but we’re moving forwards.

“We do know that Scotland has already been very exemplary to the world because it had all parties approving the 2009 act, with a 42% emissions cut target by 2020. We’re already at 38%. That is actually quite impressive.”

There’s more, much more at:

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7 thoughts on “My Ferret Newsletter needed correction

  1. Looks like the Ferret is a tabloid posing as a proper news outlet, maybe we should not be surprised given how desperate the English Britnat state are to keep Scotland shackled to their dreadful backward union. England that would not do well should Scotland secure independence and Brexit has made that even more obvious.

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