No calls for resignations as cases in West Wales soar to TWENTY times Scottish average and Welsh health board bans visitors?

As the Covid case rates soar to 850 per 100K in parts of West Wales, Hywel Dda University Health Board said visitors would only be allowed with prior arrangement in some instances, such as end of life and critical visits. The rate in Scotland is currently 45 per 100K.

No health board representative, no Government politician (Labour), are called upon to comment. The soaring infection rates are not blamed on government pandemic measures.

The clear implication is that the people are to blame.

In Scotland when a health board is responsible for a decision:

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9 thoughts on “No calls for resignations as cases in West Wales soar to TWENTY times Scottish average and Welsh health board bans visitors?

    1. It’s not ‘our’ BBC that’s the crux of the matter. Though they operate in Scotland, and the people pay for their services, they are controlled by the English government.
      Our SNP are their enemy, and BBC deploy sinister and underhand tactics to misrepresent them, they misinform, mislead and lie. Broadcasting powers are reserved to Westminster, so the country next door controls the narrative, it’s wholly undemocratic.
      Watch Scotland at 7, on YouTube, via Broadcasting Scotland, support and subscribe. I still can’t understand how they get so few views for an excellent news programme that is pertinent to Scotland, discussion about international matters and Scotland’s international outlook.
      7pm every evening, but you can watch anytime. Sunday they do a lunchtime programme. They need subscribers, they need money, and with COP26 coming up, there’s going to be much to cover. Well worth following and watching.

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  1. Let’s face it . This organised opposition to the SNP Government will continue as long as the unionist cause is threatened .

    If the SNP did not have a referendum in the offing there would be little interest in what happens in Scotland ;
    if Scotland did not contribute greatly to the trading position of the UK then we would be largely ignored ;
    if an independent Scotland did not represent a significant reduction in the UK’s world standing ( seat at UN ? ) ;
    if Scotland’s independence did not represent a fatal ( ? ) blow to the UK’s nuclear capability then we would be marginalised as usual .

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  2. The opposition endlessly troll Scotland.
    The colonial media endlessly gaslight Scotland.
    The BBC tries to pish all over Scotland.

    They do it because they fear the power of the ballot box.
    Because Scotland stands at the out-door.
    Because Scotland wishes to JOIN the world.

    Because Little Englanders wish to live in GretaGarboland, isolated from their neighbours, and beholding to an America which is itself in big internal trouble with an ongoing political civil war between Trumpists, Democrats and the rest.

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  3. Scotland 7 day rate 324 Wales 713 NI 466 England 484 / 100000 .We are doing better but not quite as much as 45 / 100000. For context Germany is 124 France 56


    1. I suppose given that Scotland doesn’t have powers of an independent country, and is very likely squeezed re the finances even more than it would be without Covid, it’s not really fair to compare us with independent EU countries, who have all levers of power and fiscal autonomy, as well in fact access to extra EU funds for such events. Add to that the utter shambles of Brexit being imposed onto Scotland, the economic hit, and it’s actually a miracle that Scotland does have lower numbers than say England, which does have political autonomy, fiscal levers galore, and Scotland’s wealth and resources to take to boot!
      You cannot compare Scotland to EU countries anymore, the ways in which they can govern and make pertinent, appropriate decisions on crucial matters in the best interests of their country and their people, could hardly be more different. In fact looking at it like that, comparing, Scotland is definitely a colony, and the consequences are really tragic. Brexit could well ruin Scotland, even though 62% of the people voted to remain in the EU. That has got to be the most undemocratic, damaging and oppressive act made against a developed nation in
      a long time.
      Talking up Scotland, with our SNP working to mitigate the Westminster London governments’ terrible assault on the poorest and most vulnerable, as well as investing in areas long neglected under British rule is totally appropriate and absolutely necessary.

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