Eco-friendly and eco-unfriendly farts?

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This government has failed the environment - Conscious Creatives

A committee of MPs has lambasted the UK government’s approach to nature, saying it is failing to stem huge losses of plants and species.

Their report says that the UK has the lowest remaining levels of biodiversity among the world’s richer nations.

The MPs say the government spends far more on exploiting the natural environment than it does conserving it.

8 thoughts on “Eco-friendly and eco-unfriendly farts?

  1. Force the Tories and fellow Brit Nat MPs to live on the Isle of Dogs, and force them to live on a diet of seaweed to prevent their obnoxious, gaseous emissions destroying the planet.

    The food saved from Westminster highly subsidised dining rooms, restaurants, canteens and other eateries, could then be distributed to the poor, lame and indolent (not to include Peers/Dames of the Realm, or other lay-a-bouts).

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  2. John,I thought you might like to see this.
    Quote from D Ross.
    Please be assured that the UK Government remain committed to returning to the triple lock for the remainder of this Parliament, I will continue to monitor this situation and ensure that this is the case.

    Then we have this.

    Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey has said the triple lock is to be suspended for 2022-2023. Instead, the state pension will be determined by either the inflation rate or 2.5%.

    She said the triple lock would then be restored for the remainder of this Parliament, which ends in 2024.

    I was disappointed that no one brought this up at FMQs but it was all about how bad the SNP are,and,then we had the yoon political broadcast after hosted by Kerr,what a shower.

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  3. Scotland’s eco system is being destroyed by land ‘owners’ who use the denatured land as a playground to shoot Grouse and other wild birds. Hell they have even killed many majoestic birds of prey that were tagged by satellite so these rich people know even how to bypass technology put in place to protect our wildlife. It’s absolutely shocking.
    Peat bogs were mentioned at Scotland at 7 yesterday, massive carbon sinks, Scotland used to have many of them, until the EngGov in the 1980’s introduced a tax evasion scheme for the rich, including the queen, where they could drain Scotland’s land and plant pine trees, to ‘offset’ tax, ie evade paying. The ‘Flow Country’ up in Caithness is a vast area of peatbog, that was drained, it’s ten metres deep, and has been partially restored in the last few years, not a penny from the English gov towards that restoration. It has been on the ‘tentative list for World Heritage status since 2012, only the English government can approve that submission. It would of course without doubt, be awarded WH status. It needs full protection not just SSSI status. For this area NOT to have been put forward for WHS by the English (UK) government is an utter disgrace.

    UK EngGov are really dragging their feet on this, in 2020 they approved the first stage of WHS application, that’s just not good enough. We have to ask why given the huge importance of the area to Scotland’s, the UK’s and indeed Europe’s carbon sink, it’s massive! So why is this amazing natural carbon sink not being fully protected? Simple, because it has potential for extraction industries and, because it’s in Scotland.

    Of course if Scotland was independent they would not be relaint on and held hostage to the country next door in deciding which sites are worthy of WHS! Look at a map for sites in the UK with WHS.

    Here is the Flow Country site, worth a look at.

    I think though actually given we have had almost non stop mostly light rain recently, most of Scotland will be a peat bog soon!!
    The moss is loving this weather! 😉 It does smother my lawn chamomile at the allotment though…grrr.

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  4. Well it at least explains why Orkney sheep never attempted to break the sheep land speed record, currently held by Utah.

    Seemingly Lettit the sheep set the record at 142mph following a carefully controlled diet and insertion of a large rubber bung with a valve to assist relief, and practice burnouts.
    Despite objections after the record was accomplished that the sheep a) should actually have opened the valve and struck the Zippo, b) should finish intact complete with fleece, and c) arrive alive, the committee chairman Lugless Dross ruled the objections as frivolous and allowed the record to stand.
    So there you have it, the world record is held by an American sheep, Lettit RIP.
    What coat ?

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