None of these medics claim that hospitals, plural, are under more pressure than ever. That headline is fake news risking lives for a story

Reporting Scotland’s health correspondent, Lisa Summers, is an old hand at turn anecdotal comments into to an imagined crisis affecting NHS Scotland more widely and, by implication, suggesting that the SNP Scottish Government is not managing it well.

There is clear evidence that fake news can put sick people off attending health services and thus risking their lives:

Headlining this story comes against a background of ignoring Scotland exceeding the rest of the UK in vaccinations and A&E waiting times. It comes against the, again ignored, background of much lower infection and death rates than England and Northern Ireland and having equalled NHS Wales in both.

You can see the evidence for the above at:

Covid: SNP Government getting results


Summers’ report above is based entirely on the unsubstantiated comments of 3 consultants and 1 nurse in 1 hospital in, inevitably, one of Scotland’s busiest hospital, QEUH in Glasgow. I don’t for one minute doubt the validity of their assessments but they are not reliable statistics for headlines like that above suggesting nation-wide problems.

None of the above medics claim that hospitals, plural, are under more pressure than ever. That headline is fake news.

Not only do the statistics for Covid infection levels and A&E waiting times point to a system of reducing pressure but, the data for Covid hospital admissions demonstrate falling pressure:

and the data for operations cancelled due to resource limitations reveal a massive increase in operations completed yet very low levels of such cancellations being cancelled:

With the greatest respect to the medics interviewed but none to Summers, there is no crisis in NHS Scotland. In contrast to other parts of the UK, it is clearly in rude good health.


A&E attendances did climb dramatically at QEUH in June 2021 after a very hot dry spell when more folk were out taking risks in the sun, the rivers and the lochs/reservoirs but were still at a lower level than in 2019 and had actually plummeted in the previous months of 2021:

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15 thoughts on “None of these medics claim that hospitals, plural, are under more pressure than ever. That headline is fake news risking lives for a story

  1. The BBC in Scotland have no interest in accurate news and information, only propaganda, you only need see the name “Lisa Summers” to know what follows will be another “tsunami” or hyperbolic exaggeration relating to health.

    I note that particular piece is listed at 1 hour old… It seems the BBC are up to their old tricks again of making minor edits such as “the->them->the” to make the article appear permanently recent. I know I saw it WAY earlier than that.
    Ditto on the Politics page this morning, continuing to lead with the 1 day old 🤣 “Scottish results day: Record high for A grades as pass rate falls” and “Highers and Nat 5s: Four things to look out for on results day” afterthought which were both torn to ribbons here on the 10th.

    However it’s not just Scotland, look at the BBC are NOT addressing anywhere, supermarket shelves emptying as Brexit chaos bites harder, Operation Brock made essentially permanent, turning Kent into a vast lorry park.
    And not a cheep over the importers dreading 1st October when the customs paperwork on incoming goods land will magically be resolved…

    Meanwhile HMG settle down for a nice cup of tea… Or perhaps something stronger 🙄

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    1. I note that particular piece is listed at 1 hour old… It seems the BBC are up to their old tricks again of making minor edits such as “the->them->the” to make the article appear permanently recent. I know I saw it WAY earlier than that.


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  2. People support and appreciate the NHS. UK funding £139Billion to £145Billion. People use it every day. They see and appreciate the service and dedication. Saving and curing people’s lives. They view and use the tremendous service of dedicated professionals.

    BBC appalling propaganda is useless and viewed negatively. It will not be believed but held in disrepute. The reports are compromised and in doubt.

    Prevention is better than cure. BBC poor revelations and service makes matters worse. Making people sick and tired of the nonsense.

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    1. England’s NHS is being sold off, no matter how much the people value their NHS.
      They can protest until they are blue in the face, it’s being dismantled in front of their very eyes. Scotland’s NHS is next, if we don’t secure independence before the English government dismantle that as well.


  3. Gaslighting Scotland’s daily bucket of shite poured over our heads from a great height.

    I don’t follow any Scottish news whether it be on TV, Radio or the papers, it would no good for my blood pressure or my mental health.
    I only find out what they’ve been up to here.

    Isn’t there a study or academic report that would show a causal link between all this negativity and the mental health of the country?

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  4. This ‘tsunami’ of reports by the BBC Scotland gang, is, of course, not unconnected to the fact that soon the SG publishes the NHS Scotland Recovery Plan. There was an ‘interview’ on Good Morning Scotland with the BMA (trade union) secretary, in which he was fed prompts to enable him to make his dire predictions. However, when Gary Robertson described the forthcoming plan as a ‘diktat’, even the BMA man had to balk and say that they and the other health bodies had been involved in the consultations, and that ‘we will have to wait and see what the report is.’

    It is almost certain the the BMA and others will have seen the drafts of the plan.

    And, Jakki Brambles (who, despite her accent, is from Ayr!) is hosting a phone-in on ‘what would you like to see in the NHS Plan’ and is wanting NHS staff to phone in. It opened with one of Lisa Summers’ vox pops.

    They are operating a pre-emptive strike to dent public confidence.

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  5. ”Speaking to a guy whose auntie is a friend of the man who empties the wastebins at Pacific Quay , I can confirm that BBC Shortbread is set to close next week due to a shortage of SNPbad stories to broadcast . All staff will be put notice of dismissal .”

    This is as valid a ”story” as so much of Pacific Quay’s output on Scottish Health matters .
    P.S. I have a million of these – just like BBC Shortbread !

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    1. Do you want us to send in tweets and texts about how bad things are due to the lack of dire stories? I could to a ‘newsreader who does not want to be named’.

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  6. Quite why BBC Scotland is allowed free access onto wards when the Medics are trying to treat patients, is a bit strange during this “More pressure than ever” story.

    Its bad enough that BBC Scotland are using up the Medics time that could be spent with their patients, but they then spread selected statements that are liable to cause alarm and harm to the people of Scotland.

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    1. These are the Medics who want to spread the doom and gloom, in the hope of getting reduced hours and more pay, so the inconvenience of patients is of no concern to them.

      Remember, during the negotiations prior to the establishment of the NHS in 1948, Aneurin Bevan had ‘to stuff their (the doctor’s associations) mouths with money’ to get them to agree.

      Earlier in the century, George Bernard Shaw wrote the play “The Doctor’s Dilemma”, to illustrate the venality of some within the profession. Essentially the dilemma was about treating an impoverished person and not getting a fee.

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  7. John, I see they’ve finally felt the pressure and demoted this Lisa Summers bunkum, with the baton passed to the BBC’s assertions specialist, Glenn (We seek him here…) Campbell, with “Sturgeon urges UK government to reassess Cambo oil field plan”, naturally with comments open for dial-a-mob…
    5 hours old at 2140 EET.. How long are they going to keep this one “recent” I wonder…


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