Covid: SNP Government getting results

Scotland’s infection level is now one of the lowest in Europe, around half that in England, after contradictory government messaging there, and lower than that in the two nations with the advantage of being islands not connected to England.

The death rate which, of course, lags behind infections, is now lower in Scotland than in most European countries and significantly lower than in England where care home vaccinations have been neglected.

Only in Scotland is the R number range less than 1 and thus a confident indicator that the virus is in retreat.

The map of regional infection levels is a graphic illustration of just how successful the SNP Government has been in contrast to the confused Conservative Government of England and the DUP/SF coalition in Northern Ireland.

4 thoughts on “Covid: SNP Government getting results

  1. Devi Sridhar in a piece in Guardian was pretty upbeat this morning.

    On Drivetime, despite John Beattie trotting out bad data regarding vaccine update figures for under 18s and somewhat gloatingly projecting vaccinations if the group not being achieved ever, Linda Bauld addressed the issues frankly, presenting an account of what the feasible strategies are, including the anti vaccination lies on social media.

    BBC Scotland is becoming even more antiScottish than I ever thought it could be. The hatred and contempt is scarcely being hidden.

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    1. Looking at the vaccinations data for Scotland, there has been a gradual, but steady increase in the number of vaccinations administered each day for the past three weeks. Almost all people over 45 years have had both doses and, of the younger groups on average around 80% have had the first vaccination.

      Scotland now has a greater percentage of people with first vaccinations than Wales, NI and all of the English regions, and, only in Wales has a greater percentage had both vaccinations. And, still the morbid John Beattie gloats at the fact that less than 1000 under 18s had been vaccinated on the first day that all those outwith the group who have special requirements were eligible to attend a vaccination centre.

      When the universities and schools return, it should be much more easy to vaccinate large numbers in situ.

      However, BBC Scotland still does features on ‘vaccine resistance’ amongst the young – dogwhistling: “Don’t take it, it could be bad for you”???


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