Number of EU students in Scotland halved!

Only 5 years ago, what might have been

From SNP Media:

The number of students from Europe who have been accepted on to a university course in Scotland has more than halved compared to last year.

According to UCAS, the percentage of students living in Europe who have applied to study at universities in Scotland has dropped by 56% compared to 2020.

The figures have been described as ‘deeply concerning’ by the President of the National Union of Students (NUS) Scotland who blames ‘astronomical fees’ EU students now have to pay as a result of Brexit.

Commenting, SNP MSP Clare Adamson said:

“Yet again we see the opportunities of young people being squeezed by the Tory UK government and their Brexit obsession. Not only are European students losing out on studying at some of the best universities in the world, but students in Scotland are missing out on the diversity and learning experience that comes from students who come from other countries.

“The Tories will try and hide behind the pandemic, but the truth is that applications from non-EU countries such as China and the USA have increased compared to last year. The blame lies solely with the Tories and Brexit.

“Young people continue to have barrier after barrier put in front of them by the Tories. They have scrapped Erasmus, with the replacement scheme a shadow of Erasmus and now Scottish students will lose out on the opportunity to learn from our European friends and neighbours.

“We cannot trust the Tories with the future of Scotland’s young people, the only way to protect our future generations is with independence, where Scotland can retake its place at the top table of the European Union.”

5 thoughts on “Number of EU students in Scotland halved!

  1. Great news for the exenophobes.
    ” Keep Johnny Foriegner out”, is the cry, unless they are to pick fruit, nannies for the rich—or ARE rich.

    It’s ironic that Angles, Saxons and Jutes, who came from the beaches of Europe are so desperate to prevent “others” coming from the beaches of Europe.
    And of course, Little Englanders own property all over France, Spain and Mediterranean islands.
    The same idiots who voted for Brexit being expelled from living within the EU.

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  2. hardly surprising EU students are not coming to Brexitland – Apart from the extra costs, they risk not having their degrees recognized anywhere in the EU.
    Brexit removed automatic qualification validation together with freedom of movement.
    To have a UK degree recognized as a valid professional qualification, an engineer/nurse/teacher/architect etc who qualifies in Brexitland will need to go through a “process” often involving more exams and year(s) of study. And the “process” varies from one EU country to the next .

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  3. Scottish students will not be able to exchange and study all over Europe. Travel is important to broaden the mind. Another Tory/unionist disaster. Less connections for communication, development, connectivity and access to huge economic markets. 450 million people. A complete shame and lack of ambition. Tory ignorance and arrogance. Tory/unionist lies. A constant presence of disharmony.

    Independence cannot come soon enough to rectify complaints. Lost grants, loans and investment. Less economic activity. Less understanding. French is now the official EU language. Insular Westminster unionists useless and incompetent are ruining the economy and people’s lives.

    Less prosperity worldwide. The Tory/unionists are killing people. Life expectancy in the South going down. Vote Tory to die younger.


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