Only in Scotland: The politicising of health

For several years now, I’ve been comparing the coverage of health matters in Scotland and in other parts of the UK. From changes in cancer treatment in Tayside, to the death of a single child, ‘after’ a hospital infection in Glasgow to delays in the completion of an Edinburgh hospital, only in Scotland do we see the opposition parties exploit pain and suffering to score points over the Scottish Government. Only in BBC Scotland, unlike BBC Wales or across the BBC in England, do we see these attacks foregrounded and maintained over long periods in headlines.

So yesterday, we see in the above, the SNP minister put into the firing line, ‘after’ one death, having to explain why evidence which emerged in March, as parliament went into recess and only two months before an election disrupts normal progress, it took some time to complete a “laborious process of going through their records” to identify the women before it was put in the public domain.

Despite this, Labour, Tories and the, surely too small now, Lib Dems are allowed to rant at imagined secrecy. The Greens seem to have, once more, refused to take part in what is a dark and foul-smelling theatre.

Compare the above with a similar error in England involving up to 270 lives:

No opposition party politician comments. Far less, three of them. No criticism of government is offered. Instead the minister announces a review, is allowed to apologise in dignity and with all of the blame directed at the health trusts.

In Labour Wales, the devolved government is not even mentioned in a cervical cancer report of failure:

Regular readers will know that none of this is new but here are some earlier accounts:

9 thoughts on “Only in Scotland: The politicising of health

  1. Further proof (if any were needed) of the anti-Indy propaganda machine that is BBC Pacific Quay attempting it’s usual attacks.

    Until this foul smelling organisation is swept clean, we will always be a colony of Engerland – God help us!

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    1. Sick of this public funded channel



  2. Aye, this clip perfectly demonstrates the point, “That’s not good enough..”.
    It should be Pacific Quay’s motto over the door…

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    1. The problem is you can’t… London will continue to fund the propaganda even if everyone in Scotland ditched TV licences and refused to buy newspapers tomorrow.

      Ignoring or vilifying output as noisily as we can are the only weapons we have until after independence when we can set the ground rules and policing…

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  3. As tragic as this incident is, it appears to be one death in a 24 year period (1997-2021). Talk about hysteria from the opposition (and the media).

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    1. A 24 year period when Labour were in power for 10 of them – from 1997 Labour in Westminster; 1999 Labour in Westminster and Labour/LibDems in Holyrood. It also may be the case that this was happening before 1997 so that is the Tories in the frame as well.

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  4. It was obvious from the moment that BBC Reporting Scotland first reported this that their whole emphasis would be on the political rather than the medical because it was their POLITICAL Correspondent who reported on this item.

    At some point in the dim and distant past clinicians, note clinicians not politicians, would have drawn up guidelines for the treatment/advice that should be given to women who had had a partial hysterectomy where the cervix was left in place. This advice would be to continue having regular cervical smears carried out.

    Over time that guidance may have escaped the attention of the clinicians or the patients were told but did not take the advice on board or, as has been reported, some patients expecting a full hysterectomy may not have been aware that the cervix had been left in place because once inside the surgeon had changed the procedure based on what they saw in situ. There appears to be some confusion as to whether all the records are accurate. Sometimes the record was written up as a full hysterectomy prior to the OP but not updated post op to record any alterations to the procedure. The opposite could also be the case.

    Jackie Baillie is bumping her gums today about the SG witholding the info for such a long time but they were only alerted to the situation in March, 3 months ago, and in that time they had to identify possible cases before going public. Given the many decades where this oversight has been happening such that all political parties are implicated you think they would have the sense to shut up.

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    1. Oh to live in a world where the first new Dredger be named the “Jackie Baillie”, a new slurry tanker “Turdo Charged”, a new species of midge named “Dross” or “Anniewells” to finally define that recurring ache you can never quite manage to escape….

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