Update: The politicising of health but only in Scotland

In a report today from BBC Essex, we read:

Ten workers at a mental health unit have been suspended amid claims patients were “dragged, slapped and kicked”. Inspectors said CCTV footage recorded at the Yew Trees hospital in Kirby-le-Soken, Essex, appeared to show episodes of “physical and emotional abuse”. The details emerged in a Care Quality Commission (CQC) report after the unit was inspected in July and August. A spokeswoman for the care provider said footage had been passed to police.


The report does not mention Matt Hancock, the Minister. Why would it? He can’t be expected to deal with every detail of the NHS in England can he?

But it’s not the same in Scotland. The case of one suicide which may have been triggered by non-admission to a mental health centre, in 2018, was exploited by the Labour leader, Richard Leonard and repeatedly broadcast by BBC Scotland as part of a wider witch-hunt aimed at unseating the then Health Secretary in a desperate attempt to score a point over the SNP Government. She did resign, citing personal problems, though only after a long period of harassment by the opposition in collusion with the Scottish media.

The same has now happened with her successor after years of headlines and images associating her with deaths in hospitals in a way the far less capable Matt Hancock has not experienced.

Readers will know this is not a one-off but only the latest in long acrid trail. See:




4 thoughts on “Update: The politicising of health but only in Scotland”

  1. We have an example in tonight’s BBC Scotland ‘Debate Night’. The panel comprises, in addition to Finance Secretary, Kate Forbes, one Tory, one Labour and one LibDem MSP, plus the editor of a the British Nationalist Sunday Mail. There is no place for a Green MSP, despite the party having a greater Parliamentary representation than the LibDems.

    This, is the BBC’s ‘improved’ idea of ‘balance’. Clearly the one pro-independence speaker against 3 British Nationalists, used in the 2014 referendum has been decided as unfair, so a FOURTH British Nationalist is added.

    Since the media are resurrecting the ‘divisive’ lie about 2014, the next step will be for the BBC to have no pro-independence speakers and that will remove divisiveness.

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      1. Alex
        Bang on
        But if not doing so already
        Please give same attention to NOT paying the ABC licence fee
        Complaining is like water of a Ducks back as far as ABC concerned
        As all matters Pertaining to English reactions tis Money that is the one and only thing that concerns them
        It is their Achilles heel
        And with regards ABC take a stanley
        Knife to it and cut it in the form of Non payment
        Death by thousands and thousands of cuts if not bleed them so much so they
        Cant run as fast till the day the long arm of Indy Scotland lays its hand upon their shoulder and banishes the whole rotten thing to the dustbin of history in our lands
        As for current situation DEFIANCE
        Upon victory

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