Covid-19 Update: The Scientists are saying the same thing about visiting other homes to Boris and to Nicola

On Channel 4 News but not, to my knowledge, on the Scottish broadcast media, a clear explanation of why ‘Scotland [and not England] has banned visiting other people’s homes.

Professor Sridhar explains at 02:24 into this clip (link below):

The scientific advice is pretty much aligned. The group I’m on, the Scottish Government Advisory Group works closely with SAGE and SAGE works closely with us. Independent SAGE is also sharing their papers. I think in general the scientific advice is quite aligned. It’s just then a policy and a leadership decision. Which decision are you going to take? How do you balance the various harms being done?

Sridhar makes a very important point which the FM did mention but which again needed more media attention:

If you move early, you can have minimal restrictions, hopefully for a shorter amount of time. So these are in place for three weeks. If there’s good compliance with them, it could means that in three weeks, they could be lifted and we’d be in a good position and testing and tracing can take over.

Remember Scotland’s locally-based testing and tracing teams have been around 99% successful.

Footnote: There is some social media buzz suggesting that Sridhar has been ‘encouraged’ to say less about Scotland doing better. I have searched a few of her more recent Guardian pieces for ‘Scot’, only to find no mention, but this interview seems to suggest she remains prepared to tell it like it is.

10 thoughts on “Covid-19 Update: The Scientists are saying the same thing about visiting other homes to Boris and to Nicola”

  1. Indeed, both Jenkins and Snow largely ignored the central point that scientific advice is essentially the same, the rest is down to political choices with input from advisers as to what measures take precedence,

    The painting of SG as being more draconian is a tiresome habit of Jenkins to reinforce the English media line, criticism of Johnson being less cautious never arises, and when England’s rules catch up with those of SG, the silence is deafening.
    SG’s opinion and information is widely watched by the English public, particularly in the north-east, a lot of that demand down to being kept in the dark.
    England could fare much better if their politicians were shipped off to Rockall for a month or two.

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  2. It has been clear that the UK government has political decisions surrounding Brexit as it’s foremost priority which has overrriden scientific advice in pursuit of ideological goals.
    Meanwhile,in Scotland,Brexit (and indy2) are not the main priority of our government at present,nor should they be.

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      1. The STV building is also on Pacific Quay less than 100metres east of the BBC. Since STV contributes to ITN, which produces Ch4 News, Mr Jenkins’ broadcasts are from the STV service.


  3. Prof.Sirdhar
    Is a very smart cookie indeed
    She knows that they behind the scenes are attempting to muzzle her
    But the manner she chooses her words
    Easily body swerves the restrictions
    By referring to the UK & Scottish advisory
    And any with half a Brain can work things out for themselves
    There is a old farming saying that describes her situation very well
    No matter how much you shake the bottle
    You cannot stop the cream coming to the top

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  4. I think you should have a care about giving credence to the ‘Professor Sridhar has been got at’ rumours.

    She has already been the target of Unionist politicians and this latest rumour that is being floated seems to come from the same stable.

    The reason she is a target is quite simple. She is very good at what she does, has a very distinguished academic pedigree in her field, is an excellent communicator and, oh yes, she is a Scientific Adviser to the Scottish Gov.

    She is a Professor of Global Public Health therefore when she is invited to speak or write a column she is being invited because of the breadth of her experience not just her knowledge of what is happening in Scotland. She does however refer to the Scottish situation when it is relevant to whatever question she has been asked or article she has written.

    She has mentioned Scotland, specifically the FM and the example she has set, in a recent article – 8th Sept – in the Guardian

    As I said, have a care. Prof Sridhar, and Prof Bauld, are targets of those who are not friends of the SG.

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    1. Professors Sridhar and Bauld are pretty strong minded individuals who have academic integrity and have, throughout, spoken frankly.

      However, during the course of the pandemic they have undoubtedly become more media savvy having learned that the media will quote them out of context to imply that they mean something that they did not say. I think they have become more aware of what the ‘agenda’ of the particular broadcaster/newspaper is and tailor their response in such a way that they do not leave an opening for an interruption or diversion. For example, if, in the course of an answer to a question by, say, Cathy Newman, one was to make a comparison which showed that the situation in Scotland was significantly better than England, she would almost certainly be interrupted and accused of supporting Scottish independence or Ms Newman would just start a ‘barney’ as Andrew Neill does when a point is going against him.

      Early in the crisis, Professor Bauld appeared on Newsnight interviewed by Kirsty Wark and, in part of an answer she said, “I know you did not want me to mention Scotland, but …’

      I think that is why some people are suggesting they have been ‘got at’.

      As you say, the thuggish Baroness Colonel, phallically seated on a tank, has made pretty threatening remarks about Professor Sridhar.

      Both Professors must be defended, but they certainly can stand up for themselves.

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      1. Intellectually both Bauld and Sirdhar are heads and shoulder abin Wark,Neal,Davidson or any of their Bigoted ilk
        And little do they realise that they shall always confront checkmate when pure science data and logic presented in nothing other than as a matter of fact and truth


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