The courage to steer an independent course

There is much media talk of how little substantively different action there has been by the Scottish Government. That is to miss how the harder, longer, lock-down here, allied with clearer messaging and consequent solidarity got the infection rate down to below ten for several weeks and the death rate to almost zero, thus providing the low base and enabling a more confident approach to the current surge.

Crucially, once more, the Scottish Government plans to keep the pressure on the virus, unlike those same London SAGE experts who got it wrong last time and may now get it wrong again.

Here’s what the FM said today:

I can confirm that we will introduce measures on hospitality similar to those outlined for England by the Prime Minister a short while ago – and thereby align as far as possible with the rest of the U.K. However, the advice given to the Cabinet by the Chief Medical Officer and the National Clinical Director is that this on its own will not be sufficient to bring the R number down.

They stress that we must act, not just quickly and decisively, but also on a scale significant enough to have an impact on the spread of the virus. And they advise that we must take account of the fact that household interaction is a key driver of transmission.

So after careful consideration, we have decided that from tomorrow, to be reviewed every three weeks, and with exceptions that I will come on to, visiting other households will not be permitted.

7 thoughts on “The courage to steer an independent course”

  1. The SNP/SG must not full into the trap of seeming to agree to the britnat propaganda of better together to fight covid. Britnat incompetence must not be allowed to damage Scotland.

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  2. Nicola, I salute your indefatagability in the face of relentless, abuse, disinformation, personal jibes and attacks from the Brit Nattery–politicians and their colonial media.

    It takes a special kind of courage to stand day after day in front of a troup of ignorant toe-curling hucksters with their bad attitudes, trick questions and blatant bias.

    And those are just the studio presenters.

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    1. Interestingly, on Channel 4 news after Jonson’s broadcast followed by snippets from the FM’s of Wales and Scotland, Gary ‘Get-Brexit-Done’ Gibbon, their political pundit gave minor praise to Nicola Sturgeon, while evincing scepticism about Johnson.

      However, earlier in the programme the Channel 4 ‘do Scotland down, correspondent, Ciaran Jenkins gave his report, based mainly on 4 vox pops, 3 of whom were hostile to the FM. Cathy Newman sneered contemptuously. Although Devi Shridhar was interviewed, she, like Linda Bauld are under instructions not to mention Scotland when on ‘national’ news.

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  3. Very similar now to how the MS Media report the Virus death and infection rates. Gone are the national breakdowns it is all ‘UK’ no doubt under orders of No10 to deflect their continuing incompetence.

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