Why in England are ministers able to call for inquiries into health trusts’ handling of crises but in Scotland opposition leaders are platformed calling for inquiries into the ‘SNP’ government’s handling of performance into boards or private providers which they are not directly responsible for? Regardless of how this has come about, the effect is propaganda.

In Scotland:

In the midst of fabricated stories of the FM needing to be being pressurised into holding an inquiry, by the likes of Leonard and Carlaw, Scotland’s media persist in their unique habit of picturing her and her health secretary as the images of alleged scandals or crises in health care.

In England:

Multiple deaths but no sign of the PM or the Health Secretary. He will appear later to call for an inquiry as if it has nothing to do with him. The English media will allow this.

In Wales:

Three health crises, no minister.

These are only a sample. It’s a real thing. Try finding health scares in England or Wales where the photo is of the minister.

Any who have listened to FM Questions will be hard pushed to identify any resistance on the part of the SNP leadership, as they prefer to label them, to the ‘calls’ only from opposition leaders.

Finally, why is this man not the face of calls for a care home deaths inquiry?