Brighton Beach? Certainly not ‘us’ on Portobello or Ayr South beaches. And, that woman (‘bottom left’) is getting changed! Crop that again!

It looks like this is meant to attract readers who want to be informed on how these ‘alarming’ results might affect how ‘we’ go about exiting lock-down.

You get an early indication, however, of where ‘we’ are going with this report:

Given that the UK’s death rate from Covid currently ranks third highest in the world behind Belgium and Spain (555 deaths per million compared to 574 per million in Spain and 815 per million in Belgium), it is hardly a success story. the death rate in Scotland just the same, so not really that important to mention, in a Scottish newspaper?

Well, it’s half the rate or even less depending on whether you use the fake UK Government data or the FT/ONS figures:

Might that be useful in thinking about exiting lock-down ‘here’ by ‘us?’

The report is about the ‘alarming’ failure of populations across Europe to have developed any kind of immunity to Covid-19, evidenced by the presence of antibodies in the blood. Even in countries, like Spain, with a huge death toll, only 5% seem to have developed the antibodies and so they remain alarmingly vulnerable to a second wave.

And, Scotland?

In Scotland, we are now three weeks into a randomised antibody surveillance project using blood samples collected from various health boards and analysed centrally in Inverness. No results have yet been disclosed, however.

So, in a Scottish newspaper, no data because the results are not yet published? Maybe wait until they are?

And, ‘disclosed’ eh? Not just ‘not published yet’ but ‘No results have yet been dislcosed.’ Oooooh! Do you think there might be a cover-up, eh? Have you been speaking to that Ian Murray or Jackson, eh? Eh?