Don’t waste that lifebelt!

In the National on the 23rd:

TWO BBC Scotland chiefs admitted to worried staff that a plan to transfer two of its studios to the control of the corporation in England was not the “best deal” for the Scottish-based arm of the broadcaster and that they oppose it, The National can reveal. Mark Taylor and Jennifer Allan, who are both leading executives at the BBC in Glasgow, told employees they didn’t want the proposal to go ahead when asked about it at a meeting with employees.

Pardon me if I don’t empathise.

This is a group of media folk acting daily on behalf of the Union, distorting, omitting and plain lying, to undermine the independence movement. In 2014, when they help to steal the referendum result by demonising Alex Salmond, that view might have been controversial but we all know it’s true now.

Some of the younger staff are just socialised into an agenda but the seniors, Sarah Smith, Glen Campbell and a few others are fully aware of what their mission.

Now, they learn a bitter less as, like the DUP recently, stabbed in the back by those they thought were on the same side.

Some in the National and even in the SNP seem prepared to come to their defence. I don’t get that.

See the above images of a trade unionist and an SNP MSP and ask why the well-known Smith and Campbell are not the champions of this cause.

Pacific Quay cannot be reformed. The rot is everywhere.

A state broadcaster is a bad thing anyway. Set up an long-arms-length committee funded by democratic process in parliament, invite groups to broadcast via open-tendering and demand transparent practice guided by democratic principles, regularly inspected.

6 thoughts on “Don’t waste that lifebelt!

  1. The “best deal”!

    Do the honest thing, and run EVERYTHING from London.
    Then there would be an end to pretence, and the public could no longer avoid facing the truth about the BBC.

    The BBC in all its guises and platforms, is an English broadcaster, which represses all “minority” cultural and political entities which it regards as “foreign”. Those “others”, it omits or ignores.
    Tudors? Endless programming.
    Anything Scottish from when we were independent? Nothing.
    And if there was, it would be fronted by Nelly Oliver, a non-historian and propagandist for the Union.

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  2. I suspect the support is being given for several reasons despite BBC Scotland’s unionist propaganda (not in any particular order).
    1. Loss of jobs
    2. Loss of skills
    3. Loss of income to Scotland (in fact there will be flow of money away from Scotland).
    4. Loss of control (i.e. giving contracts to ‘local’ sub contractors which could now be placed outside Scotland. This also has a knock on effect for 1&2)
    5. It will make it more difficult to start a national broadcaster after independence.

    It is a ‘Catch 22’, but the SNP cannot be seen be unsupportive for the above reasons. If they were not supportive and took a ‘good riddance’ stance, you can imagine the headlines. However supporting Pacific Quay staff when losing their jobs may make them stop to consider that SG/SNP are not as evil as portrayed.
    There may also be some sense of ‘better the devil you know’.

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    1. What John has written says it for me. . . . BUT . . . JCM’s response is probably the better way to approach the creatives at Pacific Quay. If they know they will have jobs after Independence, would they be so quick to use all their obvious talents to for another countries benefit.


  3. “.. plan to transfer two of its studios to the control of the corporation in England

    The headline refers to ‘London’ seizing control. But what this really exposes – once again – is that when we get to the fundamental issue of where power lies, ‘London’ ALREADY HAS control and is planning to use it, at a time and in a manner of its choosing.

    This is more about ‘exercising’ what ‘London’ already possesses – power over key decision making – than just about ‘seizing’ control of a TV studio.

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  4. We criticise the BBC yet we already know they are bias and Westminster centred. Yet we still don’t get our news out, apart from a few blogs that have limited readership. We need our news out there and we are failing.

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