BBC England ignores 600 million lost tests but BBC Scotland…..

Once more, BBC Scotland presses the Scottish Government on minor errors by a health board but only yesterday it emerges that 600 million lateral flow tests have been issued but not used as England’s test and trace system stumbles from one crisis to another.

Headline news on BBC England/UK?

Nope, nowhere, as the Hancock kiss dominates and distracts from real news. Only the Guardian makes much of it:

The shadow health minister Justin Madders said the report was damning. “If lateral flow tests are going to play their part in helping society reopen, ministers need to make sure results are registered. The British people have sacrificed so much. The government needs to step up,” he said.

Sarah Smith and Glen Campbell would surely agree.

7 thoughts on “BBC England ignores 600 million lost tests but BBC Scotland…..

  1. From 11 December 2018 – see

    ‘An additional 3,591 women have not received information about NHS cervical cancer screening, it has emerged. Capita, the company contracted to send out the screening invitations, made the discovery while investigating an administrative error already known to have affected 40,000 women in England.’

    Robert Music, chief executive of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, said: “Frankly, it is appalling that thousands of women have been affected by a further error. At a time when cervical screening attendance is falling, we cannot afford for faith to be lost in the programme. This could result in more women not taking up their invite. Waiting for results can already be an anxious time and failures such as this are only adding further stress to women.”

    Of course there is no reference in the BBC article to the Westminster government or to the health minister. Mention is made of NHS England but blame is assigned – perhaps rightly – to Capita. So not politicised.

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  2. I have to say, the lateral flow test kits are easily available. We used one kit, (you get 7 tests in the kit) all tests came out negative, so going on their instructions, I didn’t report the results, it clearly indicated to report only positive results. Now these test kits come with a clear message to report all results including negative and void (it’s not easy to do and get right at first) results. It looks like they did not know what they were doing and information was incorrect.

    Does it mean lots of people have the kits but are not using them, or have they just not been requested or sent out, or are they missing?
    What’s going on? Also they are only 50% accurate, which could in fact be counter productive. Hmm what a shambles the UK EngGov is.

    Ps, The amount of throwaway plastic in these kits, which are made in China, is horrendous.

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    1. Important point to make Alex, thanks. Worth giving a source?

      From 14 June, 2021:

      ‘US recalls lateral flow tests amid ‘significant’ accuracy concerns. The FDA has instructed US citizens to stop using the tests amid “significant concerns that the performance of the test has not been adequately established, presenting a risk to health”.’

      I haven’t taken this test but have talked to folk who have. From their anecdotal accounts, to undertake the test properly seems a quite invasive and for some an uncomfortable procedure. One acquaintance explained how very distressing and difficult it was to have this test applied even by a healthcare professional to an elderly relative on just one occasion.

      Even younger friends has indicated how uncomfortable/difficult the process was to follow to the letter. Given this, some who had self-administered the test expressed doubts that all similarly administered tests would have been done ‘properly’ i.e. to the standard of testing administered by a healthcare professional.

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  3. Interesting tweet

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