Come on Wales!

In Labour-run Wales, BBC Wales gets with the project. Encouraging citizens with tales of success.

Back in Scotland, BBC Scotland always has a different take.

In February as Scotland followed JCVI guidelines to vaccinate all of the most vulnerable and saved many lives in care homes, BBC Scotland found these stories to NOT boost the viewer:

That same month, 9th February, BBC Reporting Scotland grudgingly suggested some recovery for Scotland and that we were doing roughly the same as England:

Roughly? The data on the same day:

They missed these opportunities to encourage that BBC Wales might have loved:

In June, only Wales, Israel, UAE, Mongolia and Scotland have now administered more than 100 vaccines for every 100 people.

Also, in June, some months after Reporting Scotland was delighting in fabricating the idea that Scotland was lagging behind the rest of the UK as we, of course, followed JCVI guidelines to protect the vulnerable rather than rack up as many easy jags as possible. We’ve been ahead of England and Northern Ireland since early April and closing the gap on Wales, on both jags. Coverage? None of course.

BBC Wales has long been a benchmark with which to measure BBC Scotland’s relative levels of bias. The archived evidence is here:

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6 thoughts on “Come on Wales!

  1. And, as well as framing things in a negative way, they will also have the three hags – Ross, Sarwar and Rennie – on some blasted heath, with Wuggie and a farm animal engaged in an odd practice, making dire predictions about the future state of Scotland.

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  2. By talking up events in Wales the BBC will be hoping to stem disillusionment in the Welsh Labour administration. Stopping a drift to Plaid Cymru. (Appears to be working) They won’t want another Scotland on their hands.

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    1. Labour in Wales has leaned quite markedly towards the pro-independence position, with some members being overtly pro. Mr Drakeford makes it clear that he puts Wales first.

      Contrast that with the hatred of Scotland and anything Scottish by Scottish Labour. As far as most of its membership is concerned, the people of Scotland ur pure basturts for no votin fur thame any meer like we useit tae dae.

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  3. All explained quite simply
    From on high (ABC) BBC take their cue
    And know full well which ball to aim for and at all costs hit as hard as possible in a continous manner till it cracks and splits


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