Reporting Scotland’s opposition

BBC Reporting Scotland open immediately with the claims of the Labour leader that the SNP Government is responsible for not enough turning out in Glasgow to be vaccinated. These claims continue to be foregrounded despite the Depute First Minister having outlined this morning the various measures being put in place to compensate for failures by individuals to turn out or to keep their contact details up-to-date.

The leader of the third party is allowed to repeat his unsubstantiated claims, unchallenged. He calls for more testing when what we really need is more compliance from his constituents and like a true Scot calls for the Armed Forces to help out the Scottish public services who have done so well. Swinney’s rebuttal/correction that morning is cut.

Meanwhile, BBC 1 allows the minister to trumpet the success of the vaccine roll-out despite widespread media reports of no-shows and their health correspondent works to promote it by encouraging teenagers to be vaccinated because it is safe for them:

No opposition politicians is allowed to contradict the good news.

And, in Wales, the BBC works with the Welsh Government to educate the population and urge them to stick to the rules. The assumption that the government has done its best and that citizens have a responsibility too is repeated over several days.

This is the norm. Only the Scottish media have weaponised the pandemic in a desperate attempt to undermine the SNP.

Today is not unique but is a longstanding tendency.

For evidence, see:

No other country tolerates such foul lies!

Only BBC Scotland playing politics with pandemic measures in an election phase

BBC Wales exposes BBC Scotland’s agenda once more

BBC Wales shows BBC Scotland how to do it

12 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland’s opposition

  1. If you think the above report is bad , listen to today’s radio ‘Sunday Programme’ where Alex Massie of the Spectator, Henry Hill of Conservative Home and another not particularly Scottish Government friendly contributor were allowed to continue the claim that the SG had done as badly as Hancock and co. on care homes with no rebuttal.

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  2. The problem with the younger age group EVERYWHERE in the country is they are the most mobile, even if they change address they still attend their doctor from the other side of the city.
    Read about in an article on some enterprising souls in Glasgow had taken to social media to track down ex-tenants with varying success, the problem is they tried to advise NHSS the contact could not be traced they didn’t want to know so the booking stayed live.

    No surprise Sarwar and HMS Sarah Smith are in cahoots to make political capital out of it, but what Sarwar thinks to achieve with the Army on this is mind-boggling, stop and search, snatch vans ?

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  3. Sarwar ambulance chasing again ! Making statements that he KNOWS will not be challenged by the woeful BBC Shortbread hacks .

    What does he want – Nicola Sturgeon to personally go from door to door and inject people ?
    Then he would complain that she has politicised the ‘JAG’ ! W*nker !

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  4. Anyone listening to the BBC. Viewer figures are so low they are kept hidden. The D’Hond’t system keeps the unionists in Holyrood. It could be changed. Voting Alba etc. Voting Green stopped an SNP majority.


  5. Anyone who needs a jab can get it. Anyone who will die has had it. The young ones are getting the jab. One minute they are claiming people are not turning up. The next claiming their are not enough staff to administer it, More nonsense.


  6. This tactic has been used for many years by BBC Scotland. A news bulletin opens with a statement by an opposition spokesperson attacking some aspect of Government policy about which listeners and viewers have not yet been informed. This ‘frames’ the aspect under consideration in a particular way and seeks to influence the perception and opinions of viewers and listeners. It is partisan propaganda.

    When the Government spokesperson is interviewed the opening question is, “Do you DENY …….? “. In subsequent bulletins, the opening line is, “Government DENIES ….”

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    1. Spot on! And when the tactic is seen and appreciated once, one becomes aware of its use time after time on BBC Scotland, and notably on Reporting Scotland.

      Combining this with ‘bias by omission’ and with the inevitable appearance of the ‘black ah but’ when a pro-Scottish Government news story is (rarely) ‘allowed’ through all makes for a strong negative influence – or at least delivers a neutralising effect on building a pro-independence momentum.

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      1. “Don’t think of an elephant!”

        Ah, some else who’s read a revealing book? – ‘Don’t Think of an Elephant!: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate’ by George Lakoff.

        This is an extract from a Lakoff blog post written in 2018 entitled ‘A Modest Proposal: #ProtectTheTruth’ (See: )

        ‘As I (George Lakoff) wrote in the 2004 book Don’t Think of An Elephant, repetition strengthens the synapses in the neural circuits that people use to think. First, repetition strengthens the synapses in the brain’s circuitry. Second, “framing first” provides an advantage. Third, negating a frame by saying it’s “not” true activates and strengthens the frame. That’s just how our brains work.’

        Arguably, BBC Scotland has huge advantages in delivering on the first two of these factors especially towards a substantial proportion of ‘middle of the road’, older Scottish voters.

        Lakoff adds, written from the context of US politics and the Trump phenomenon but relevant more generally: ‘Unfortunately, many intelligent people — including Democrats and journalists — ignore the findings of the cognitive and brain sciences. They put their faith in the outdated idea of Enlightenment Reason, which dates back to the 1650s. As a result, they miss the often-implicit frames, metaphors and narratives that structure morally important truths. They wrongly believe that bare facts and logic alone win the moral debates.’

        Lakoff offers some insights in how to counter this: “the key is to direct a ‘stream’ of pro-active, accurate messaging at the targeted audience.” In other words, reframe to undermine the opposition’s frame, and repeat.’

        But if the corporate media and the state broadcaster operates ‘bias by omission’ this is easier said that done especially outside an actual , high profile political campaign.

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      2. This is why social media and sites like this are important, because they provide means of presenting information in a differently framed way.

        Of course, there are many disinformation sites, too, but, unlike the MSM, those of us who demur from the ‘accepted line’, actually have an opportunity to express our ideas and can report on things which the MSM omits – ergo, the prime purpose of this site.

        Although, undoubtedly, there is much personal abuse and vilification on social media, we have to weigh up restrictions on this nastiness against the opportunity to put forward alternative views.

        One of the reasons the MSM inveighs against on-line abuse, is because they want greater control of these media so that they can restrict what information and comment is being broadcast.

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