Does HMY Chooky Embra look a bit dated?

I know nothing, nothing at all, about designing royal yachts or small cruise ships but doesn’t the above look a bit old-fashioned, low tech, for the intended purpose of boosting British trade and industry globally?

And, are those the correct flags? Is Charlie designing it like his dad allegedly did for the old one?

Anyhow, have a look a these:

Cruise Ship Design, Construction, Building | CruiseMapper
new sailing cruise ship design (STX France Silenseas)

Come on lads, think!

18 thoughts on “Does HMY Chooky Embra look a bit dated?

  1. “Show the flag”.
    First stop Mustique.
    Then off to Tuscany, to his pals Dacha in the hills.

    Boris will fund it from the left over wallpaper kitty–No, no just joking, there was only enough dosh left in the brown envelope to pay for Wilf going to a fine, exclusive prep school, then Eton, then Cambridge, and an “introduction fee” to get him a job in the City…..

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  2. Quite simply the infrastructure to design,built, launch,sea trial and finally commission a throughly modern eco friendly and competively priced vessel such as this DOES NOT exist any longer in these Islands
    But take a wee look at the Norwegian ship building industry who confronted the exact same market problems in the 70,s &80 ,s as Scottish yards
    Result Scotland can only build very expensive naval vessels that cannot be sold anywhere other than the RN
    Whilst Norway rationalised and throughly modernised its ship building
    Capacity that is now a very successful and competitive world wide enterprise
    Having carved out many market niches of specialist ships for which few other Nations can equal
    Now tell me how we are Indeed better together and not being Indy
    Another fine example of Westminster miss governance

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    1. From 25 March this year: ‘Norwegian Ship Design chosen to design the world’s first hydrogen powered cargo ship’.


      “HeidelbergCement Norway and Felleskjøpet AGRI has awarded (Norwegian shipping company) Egil Ulvan Rederi the prestigious contract to build and operate the world’s first zero emission cargo ship. The ship concept has been developed in close cooperation with Norwegian Ship Design – TNSDC, a Norwegian ship design and engineering company.”

      The tendering process for this was facilitated by Norway’s Green Shipping Programme (GSP), a public-private partnership with the vision to “develop and strengthen Norway’s goal to establish the world’s most efficient and environmentally-friendly shipping”.

      We in Scotland should have the ambition, the design expertise, the construction skills to do similar. But presently we do not have access to the means. We have the rump of an industry stultified by willing corporate (and trade union) acceptance over decades of over-dependency on the MOD.

      Now with a bit of imagination, Westminster could at least have used its daft plan for a new royal (not) yacht to catalyse zero carbon design concepts and build a radically innovative demonstration vessel.

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      1. stewartb
        Thanks for proving and reinforcing the points i was making
        One fine example Norway in its shipbuilding recognised that nearly all new oil finds would be off shore and as such specialist shipping would be required
        Result they have build a very large number of such speciality vessels
        For world wide markets a success that not only assured their ship building industry but encouraged others to identify niche markets and
        Meanwhile will someone please ask Unionists what Scottish shipbuilding
        And design have done of a similar nature
        In the event of a no answer I give you


    2. Few years back I read that Norway was building between 200 and 400 commercial ships per year. . . . Scotland has never built a vessel for the North Sea Oil Industry

      However what about the famous Iolaire built by Scott Lithgows firefighting vessel for the North Sea. . . . . At the time described as the most complex vessel in the world.


      1. Clydebuilt
        Norway considered ship building as a vital industry and as such with State assistance and backing it was completely
        Rationalised and modernised inc.of all supporting infrastructure in transport,education,key supply industry such as new aluminium smelting and steel making usually backed up by new hydro schemes all along with the rationalastion of existing and completely new facilities all fit for purpose so much so that if you require a unique or highly specialised ship then Norway is almost certainly the place to develop and order such
        Meanwhile Scotlland may now even be incapable of buiding a canoe or a paper one


  3. There’s an autocorrect failure in the signoff “Come on lads, think!” – my first thought was of Helen of Troy, the face that launched 1000 ships, then considered de Pfeffel who spent his entire life sinking them all.
    What’s next, a graphic of the giant explosion-proof tunnel to NI ?
    It’s what the BBC does, a silly graphic with as many Union flags as they can muster, in this case 4, the “Downing Street” label in the corner a sure sign of ill thought plans.

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  4. That artwork does look a touch 1950’s, which kind of fits with the nostalgically oriented cultural imagination that contemporary English/British nationalism articulates.

    Britain: The Empire that Never Was

    “The existential question to be confronted here was: how do you turn an imagined community that was always imperial into a nation? How do you generate the mythology of a ‘Great’ British nationalism in a context where — through decolonisation — it was having its arse handed to it by peoples it had imagined to be racially inferior?”


  5. Couldn’t we just lease one from our friendly Saudi allies ? They must have one or two spare .
    In exchange we could offer them some more cut-price bombs for their humanitarian work in the Yemen .

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  6. Saw wan like it sailin in hogganfield loch Glasgow
    It wiz a plastic model an real cheap

    This is no even THA good


  7. So it appears the British state has decided its colonial past is simply to be erased from cultural memory. Which is certainly compatible with a disregard for history, Treaty law, and a failure to respect the political wishes of Scotland. Which are themselves compatible with a turn away from grounded theory, natural rights, and the principle of equality in law. As articulated by the material fantasy that trans-women are actually women.


  8. Doubt if the Royals would chance it. The total mess. The dysfunctional family. Tax evasion. Paying 10% tax. No corporation or capital gains tax. Scanning any Act for personal gain. Interfering in government illegally. For how much longer?


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