Determined wimp?

Right at the end of his extended piece on Johnson, Macwhirter returns to his true love, attacking uppity young women who think they can tell him what to do:

As this column has pointed out?’ Is that a psychological ‘tell‘ like when the Queen or Wings say ‘we‘ when we all know it’s just them on their own ? I’ve done it too but I’m being ironic and/or sardonic. I am!

Anyhow, does he think that adds weight? But, if you keep on writing mince isn’t it still mince? A bigger pile of mince and more rancid at the bottom but still essentially mince?

With regard to the old folk ‘decanted’, how many times need I remind folk like him that repeated reports show they triggered no outbreaks, may have actually improved infection control and that it was the poor agency workers who did?

He knows why we did not lock down earlier. That other too-intelligent for him woman, Devi Sridhar, has just today reminded everyone that ‘Scotland’s hands were tied by Tories in Covid response’, that the only source of advice was SAGE and that ‘Sturgeon’ had acted to set up her own equivalent. Even then the essential furlough payments were reserved to Westminster.

On deaths, Hungary 304 per 100K , Czech Republic and Bosnia 282, Bulgaria 253, Slovakia 226, Belgium, Italy, Croatia and England around 200, Portugal, France and EU average around 166, Romania 156 Scotland and Sweden 140.

No lockdown in the autumn? Oh yes there was, where the data suggested it should be – Glasgow, the 2 Lanarkshires and the 2 Dunbartonshires resulting in far lower infection rates.

Is no one doing quality control at the Herald? This guy has lost all of his plots now.

I’m reminded of someone whose workload I was responsible for. Never confrontational but never giving up. Coming back again and again to plead for special treatment – a determined wimp.

I’ve accused this old guy of being a bit obsessed with the FM but I seem to have written about him writing about her more than 20 times this year alone. Do I have a problem?

3 thoughts on “Determined wimp?

  1. Macwhirter now deflects for Johnson in every article, while blaming Sturgeon for the everything and anything that the Hi Jack Bunker put out into the Borisphere. Lockdowns she was not legally able to introduce; borders she could not close; furloughs she could not fund.

    Was our Iain at the wedding?
    Did he catch the posie?
    Is there a CBE (Companion of the Boris Egosphere) in the offing?

    Something has changed in Mr Macwhirters articles, and its not for the better.


  2. The Economist provides a useful tracker for ‘excess deaths’ during the pandemic – probably the most reliable and useful measure when making international or inter-regional comparisons of the full impact on mortality.


    In a chart entitled ‘Excess deaths since country or city’s first 50 covid deaths – Last updated on May 11th’, The Economist reports that ‘Britain’ is listed in 26th place on this metric among countries worldwide, with 180 excess deaths per 100,000 population. Of course if making a point about performance on this metric, a ‘good’, professional journalist should indicate over what period of time he/she is referring to in their article.

    The same source provides a chart with weekly death rates in the UK’s nations and regions since the start of the pandemic. The chart colour codes each week based on the percentage deviation from expected deaths, another way of comparing relative impact.

    During the peak of the first wave – from late March to early May – The Economist’s chart shows the following for the week by week percentage deviation from expected levels of deaths:

    London: between +118% and + 245%
    West Midlands: between +69% and + 135%
    North West: between + 56% and +128%
    North East: between +46% to + 117%.

    Scotland: between +54% and + 84% .

    In other English regions during the first wave, this excess death measure at times far exceeded the peak figure suffered in Scotland: East of England (+114%), Yorkshire & The Humber (+107%), South East (+106%), East Midlands (+93%). Only Wales (up to +77%), NI (up to +56%) and the South West region of England (up to +74%) fared better on this metric than Scotland.

    Notably, during the second wave the deviation from expected numbers of deaths is Scotland never exceeded +21% except for one week only, from 2 January 2021 when the figure was +50%.

    For comparison, during the second wave, the data show the deviation from expected numbers of deaths was often very much higher elsewhere in the UK than in Scotland: London (over +107% during two weeks in January 2021), East of England (above +54% during a four week period), South East (over 50% during a four week period). Both Wales and NI also experienced weeks with figures above +50%.

    The Economist points out that: “Countries in northern Europe have generally experienced much lower mortality rates. Some Nordic nations have experienced almost no excess deaths at all. The exception is Sweden, which imposed some of the continent’s least restrictive social-distancing measures during the first wave.”

    The Economist also reports that Australia and New Zealand have experienced almost no excess deaths at any time during the pandemic, noting “Australia and New Zealand managed to eradicate local transmission after severe lockdowns”.

    In the light of these independently collated and assessed data by The Economist, when making the charge on excess deaths The Herald is at best guilty of undertaking poor research prior to publication or worse, deliberately seeking to deceive its readers on this matter by giving them a highly partial, context free account.


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