Believe me now?

That questions is, of course, not aimed at regulars here but at the many out there who still accept the claims widespread in the MSM that Scotland and its First Minister did little better than England and its PM.

I’ve been going on weekly about this since the first figures emerged at the end of the first wave.

In September, I wrote:

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve rebutted the blatant lies from Ian Murray, Alister Kerr, both Brians and many others, including even well-disposed English journalists but the beast will not die, judging by Neil Mackay today.

So, to arm you, here is a short summary of facts with the links to the proof:

  1. As of today, over the six months of the pandemic, the infection level in England has been 35% higher [5 849 per 1m in England compared to 4 315 per 1m in Scotland] and the death level has been 45% higher [658 per 1m compared to 458 per 1m] than in Scotland. From ONS and NRS data [1].
  2. In the last 7 days, the average death rate in Scotland is 0.9 [2] whereas for the UK it is 21.6 [3], crudely 24 times higher but twice as high per head of population.
  3. The gap could have been greater if Scotland had been independent and able to decide when to lock-down as opposed to having to wait until late March for powers to be devolved, by which time the virus was everywhere [4].
  4. Contact tracing in Scotland is operating at 99% efficiency [5]. This compares with between only 53% [6] and 79% [7] in England.
  5. According to UK Gov data in the Times, Covid test booking attempts were between 80% and 100% successful in Scotland while only between 20% and 60% successful in England and Wales [8].
  6. Care homes in England experienced the highest increase in excess deaths at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic compared to those in the rest of the UK. Care homes in England recorded a 79 percent increase in excess deaths, compared to 66 percent in Wales, 62 percent in Scotland and 46 percent in Northern Ireland [9].
  7. Two large studies by the ONS and the voluntary sector care home-owner, MHA, found very strong evidence that the virus was inadvertently spread through care homes by temporary agency staff [10][11].
  8. There is NO evidence from any research that, in Scotland at least, the discharge of patients from hospitals into care homes caused the spread of the virus.
  9. The BMJ has made clear that the root cause of infections in care homes was corporate greed [12] .













Ian Murray and most media hacks clearly did not see or care about any of those facts and were still repeating the lies in recent days

In that same time, I did criticise, Sridhar, Reicher and Bauld for hinting at these facts but holding back with statements about Scotland’s by then clearly superior stats. I suppose it’s easier for a retired to be political.

For many Unionists, I’m unreliable, biased, even toxic but American and English profs can surely be trusted even if you won’t trust a cybernat prof like moi.

Professor Sridhar has said on the Independent today:

And Professor Reicher:


12 thoughts on “Believe me now?

  1. I’m a stuck record on this, there is no way on earth the collective intelligence of media and politicians (however indisposed they are to Independence) are ignoring the data other than by collusion or instruction.
    The only logical explanation for the assertion, debunk, rinse/repeat we are witnessing from MSM is being directed by #10 to deflect attention away from England to Scotland.
    Just how many articles over Covid deaths in England have been reported compared to Scotland, Care-Homes the glaring example ?

    Sridhar, Sturgeon, Whitford, etc may be reluctant to state outright England has suffered considerably greater harm thanks to Johnstone & Hancock management, but how would that help ?

    I do wonder however if Cummings’s evidence was given knowing the dam of secrecy over England’s condition past and present is about to burst, rescuing those who glaringly escaped his wrath, Gove, Sunak, etc..
    Then MSM have no alternative but address the elephant in the room.

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  2. John,
    The latest ‘meme’ to emerge just in the past week or so is: ‘Sturgeon stopped community testing back in March [2020]’

    The latest appearance of this assertion is in Mr McWhirter’s column in today’s Sunday Herald. If he runs true to form then this will appear in his column at every available opportunity.

    It is of course untrue. Community testing stopped on March 12th 2020 by order of the UK Gov at a time when the 4-nation approach was still being followed although cracks were beginning to appear. It was on March 12th, if I remember correctly, that Ms Sturgeon announced the ban on large gatherings which took effect from March 16th. Various events in Scotland had already been cancelled by the organisers by that point. Of course Johnson could not resist political point scoring in the wake of the FM’s announcement only to follow suit a few days later.

    Prof Sridhar has previously been quite forthright about saying an Independent Scotland would have done better. That was some months ago and the abuse that was meted out to her led by Ruth Davidson, assorted Unionists and trolls was dreadful. Therefore it is little wonder that she and others such as Bauld and Reicher are more measured in their responses although Prof Sridhar in her recent CH 4 news interview did explain clearly the constraints under which Scotland operates.

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  3. Nicola Sturgeon has done an amazing job all things considered. Following the science, ignoring the disaster capitalist Tories and red Tories, and saving many lives, the media would much rather have many deaths to report on in Scotland, it must break their hearts that the FM actually rejected the English Governments’ tactics as soon as she was able to, or rather, allowed to!
    Can anyone imagine how Scotland would have faired had any of the London HQ’d parties been at the helm in Scotland, it just does not bare thinking about. Let’s not forget it was Labour branch office in Scotland who put cleaming services out to tender in our hospitals when they had the reins of power, that was a disaster and many died as a result. The BritNat parties have no interest in the actual welfare of the people of Scotland. They want power, and to keep Scotland shackled in order to keep removing Scotland’s resources galore.

    The BritNat media and their dodgy pals are on a war footing when it comes to Scotland, they play dirty, and will continue to do so. Scotland is up against it for sure.

    Here is Gordon Ross, makes some excellent points as usual.


    1. Sorry for the deluge, but I have a HUGE problem with Gordon’s perspective due to one tiny detail, the significance of the security services Range-Rover – The State is involved erego dePfeffel not only knew but sanctioned the meeting, the question should be why?

      Why on earth would “Palace Staff panic” over C4 filming and clumsily accusing them of trespass on a public area, knowing full well “conspiracy” assertions (not least on C4) would follow ? Is it arrogance or an act ?
      The State don’t do accidents other than the fatal variety – They would have known reaction to their action would amplify the fact the meeting occurred, in turn boosting conspiracy theories. Hello ?

      This was choreographed a la “the Sting”, the Royals the patsies, Sarwar the local stooge, Broon the Machiavellian mark, the media encouraged to suppress it, meanwhile Gove Mk2 Bowie smirks behind the curtains and the Tory Party go radio silence.

      They have NO plan, that is their problem… Despite throwing the entire media against SG during the worst pandemic in a century and failing to make a dent, they are now desperate to find absolutely anything they can use or imply they have a plan, even at the expense of a couple of clueless Royals.
      They exposed their defences in 2014 and learned not a damned thing from the experience that this is no longer a game, yet they persist.
      Scots are done with the chicanery.

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  4. The narrative is simply that Scotland is no different to England, and can’t do better than the English/British state. So the narrative is simply detached from reality, and needs to be understood as a deflection from HMG’s failure to respond adequately to a biological threat of international significance.

    Stories, new materialism and pluralism: Understanding, practising and pushing the boundaries of narrative analysis


  5. And up pops your old pal, the virus expert (according to the Record) Shug Pennington to trot out all the lies you have shot down repeatedly.
    Who pays for this man’s warped utterances? The Record or MI5?
    Does he retain even vestigial professional values in his emeritus dotage?
    He evidently has prostituted his scientific knowledge for some pieces of silver.

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  6. Facts are facts. Scotland has one of the highest death rates on Earth.
    Nicola Murrell had the power to close the border, impose quarantine on tourists and have anyone flouting the law arrested and charged with the same offence she imposed on Margaret Ferrier.
    Get off your knees! Leave the cult! Be free man!


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