Trouble? What trouble? Riots? Nah mite!

Not so much as one plastic chair broken apparently in the above BBC reporting on events in Porto last night but the local media had a different story:

4 thoughts on “Trouble? What trouble? Riots? Nah mite!

  1. My favourite recollection of England’s fans on Tour was years ago in France when they had a drummer beating out the rhythm . . . . Very dry hot summer. . . dust in the air as the plastic seats and bottles flew.. . . England’s thugs. . . Best in the world!

    The News Where You Are

    This am. Lead article on BBC’s Radio Stations 2,4 and 5. Variations of . . .
    The head of NHS providers has warned a small increase in Covid patients will cause major problems for an NHS faced with the backlog of non Covid cases, Asking politicians to think hard about opening up completely in June. . . . .

    In Scotland lead article . . . . There has been over 1000 assaults on Police involving Covid. England’s propagandist’s . . . Best in the World !

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