No other country tolerates such foul lies!

The most trusted government and politician in Europe, acted to save thousands of lives, many the mothers and fathers of those poor souls who buy this trash.

Though tied to the herd immunity madness of Professor Whitty in the first months, and sabotaged by Johnson’s delays and unwillingness to control airport arrivals from infection hotspots, they have kept infections and deaths to far lower levels with clear, consistent messaging, following JCVI advice on care home vaccinations to the letter and keeping test and trace within public health authorities who know how to do it.

I feel sick and angry. What can we do about this filth undermining efforts to save lives?

No violence, please.

A normal country? Ireland:

The Irish Independent, informative and educational.

RTE, the equivalent to BBC, informative and educational, helping it’s audience without demoralising them.

More on this here:

12 thoughts on “No other country tolerates such foul lies!

  1. RTE is excellent.
    I started reading it to find out what was really happening with Brexit and not what the English press would have had us believe.

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  2. Perhaps calling them the Murdoch Sun, the Rothermere Mail, the Simon Fox Express or whatever, I’m pretty sure since they are so clearly in favour of up close and personal, they’d be all in favour of exposees ?
    In reality there are probably more people hearing their bunkum via HMS Sarah Smith’s “What the papers say” than their meagre sales, but with PQ being abandoned by so many Scots, the media giants who once changed governments no longer rule the roost but are circling the plughole..

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  3. Again, not entirely OT. The only reason I’m able to communicate with folks today, is that I forced my brain to re-build itself through studying critical theory, psychodynamic psychology, legal theory and stuff. I really was badly buckled and not particularly safe to be let out on my own while doing this, so Scotland should have no fear of taking control of her future. I got better and so will Scotland. 😉

    The Heart of Humanistic Psychology: Human Dignity Disclosed Through a Hermeneutic of Love

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      1. Thanks. I was uncertain about disclosing that, as I didn’t want folks to think I’m courting sympathy, or bigging myself up. I just thought my lived experience kind of relevant, as I’m trained as a bit of a ‘cultural clinician’.

        Humanistic psychology, human dignity, and the interpretive stance of agape love
        What gives us a right to claim that each person is entitled to dignity?


  4. These titles (and so many others) exist to ensure a constant flow of disinformation that helps to preserve the hegemony of Westminster over the rest of these islands.

    The only really effective response to their lies is truth, but it’s hard to disseminate truth under lockdown conditions because it’s best done face to face. And it takes time.

    We will get there. We will challenge the propaganda. We all know it’s not just the BBC.


  5. OT again, though again, not entirely.

    I’m not sure if the claim that there is “no meaningful cognitive differences between men and women” is a claim made on the behalf of Prof. Lise Eliot’s, or whether it is actually her opinion. Anyway, I can’t support it as it kind of flies in the face of all the brain science and psychiatry that I ever learned. Which led me to believe that the subtle difference that brain imaging has discovered in male and female brain architectures, leads to subtle yet profound perceptual, cognitive and behavioural differences between men and women.

    Multifaceted origins of sex differences in the brain


  6. Doesn’t do them much good. SNP predicted to take all the seats at a GE. They would have all the seats at Holyrood, except for D’Hond’t imposed by Unionists.

    Irish politicians are just as bad. Sleaze and land deals. Some have been jailed for fraud. The NI Neanderthals are on another planet.


    1. I’d honestly encourage you to move beyond the “D’Hond’t imposed by Unionists” aspect, it was indeed intended to tie SG in knots, and yet here we are, and guess what, Independence parties still won. A case perhaps of don’t look a gift horse in the arse ?
      PR is the future of democracy, it is London who are desperately fighting to prevent it to save their various skins, perhaps we might stop assisting that desperation.. ?

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