8 deaths in NHS England, police investigate, but no mention of Matt Hancock

Readers will remember many examples of the politicisation of health issues in Scotland, over the last few years, as even the merest suggestion of some kind of remote responsibility for deaths led to photographs of and calls for the Health Secretary, Jeanne Freeman, to resign. At the same time, BBC England and Wales used photos of hospital buildings and pointed the finger at health boards. The English Health Secretary was never accused and, indeed, he would have been shocked to have been, given that he appointed the boards to take responsibility.

Today, BBC Lancashire report:

A police investigation into the neglect of patients at a hospital is now examining eight deaths, the BBC has discovered. A coroner has been asked to review the deaths at Blackpool Victoria Infirmary, which all happened in late 2018. A separate and unrelated murder investigation into the death of another patient is ongoing.


Imagine that had happened in a Scottish Hospital. Where would the opposition parties and the MSM try to lay the blame?

The NHS Trust apologises and the Health Secretary goes out for a beer with his pals to discuss PPE contracts.

Earlier examples:

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One thought on “8 deaths in NHS England, police investigate, but no mention of Matt Hancock

  1. Perhaps I’m just awfy sensitive, but that does appear to represent the SNP in a negative manner, so not what you’d expect in the run-up to an election. Though if your an adult and not sussed out the BBC in Scotland, you’ve probably not been paying attention.

    The politics of evidence: from evidence based policy
    to the good governance of evidence


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