I know, I’ve done this sort of thing before but it’s important to build up a body of evidence to prove something is more than a one-off.

From BBC Essex this morning:

A maternity unit has been rated inadequate after a “lack of learning” from a mother’s death has led to the “same failings” in new serious cases. Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspectors turned up unannounced at Basildon University Hospital, Essex, after a whistleblower voiced fears. The watchdog told the department to improve last year, but returned due to concerns about six cases this year. The unit was criticised following the deaths of baby Ennis Pecaku in September 2018 and mother Gabriela Pintilie, 36, in February 2019.


The minister responsible does not appear visually or even in the text but in September 2019, BBC Scotland, reporting not on deaths and risk to life but on delays in building a new hospital (above), were less forgiving and platformed opposition calls for a scalp.

This is a pattern, frequent and longstanding: