Why do I think Finlay is a youngster like Ms Duffy at the Herald? He writes:

Children across Scotland began returning to school last week for the first time since the forced closure of education centres in March. The restart of education has been a priority of the Scottish government since the country began slowly emerging from a coronavirus-induced lockdown, but the first week of education has been punctuated with outbreaks at [sic] schools.

Only 18 out of more than 700 000 pupils linked to Scottish schools make up this ‘punctuation‘. Is that enough for ‘punctuation?‘ Would this be better?

‘Cases of coronavirus among young people returning to schools in the first week of education have been extremely rare.’

Way down the page, Finlay reminds us that the health board has said there is no evidence of transmission within schools. It’s a bit bloody late Finlay. You’ve already described every case, from the headline down, paragraph after paragraph, as being ‘at’ or ‘in’ schools. What do you think readers might make of that language?

This is so reminiscent of BBC Scotland’s fondness for ‘after’ when trying to imply pigeons defecating caused hospital deaths.

Footnote: At the Herald and Scotsman, to be a Covid-19 correspondent, do you have be 19 or thereabout?