Can Scotland’s hospitals claim the credit when zero deaths have become the new normal?

For more than a month now, there have been zero confirmed cases of death from Covid-19. The Scottish line in the above graph is barely visible as it hugs the x axis (bottom).

Though reduced dramatically, death remains present in the Covid wards in the other parts of the UK.

Is it unreasonable to suggest that this must have something to do with the performance of our hospitals?

  • NHS Scotland’s ambulance service and its A&E departments are quicker in response than elsewhere.
  • NHS Scotland has more doctors and nurses per capita than elsewhere.
  • SNP policies have kept catering and cleaning in house as opposed to outsourced to corporations.
  • Because of the above there have been no listeria outbreaks in catering and far fewer Norovirus cases in wards.
  • Are the above indicative of better infection control than elsewhere?

I have sources for all of the above, if required.

9 thoughts on “Can Scotland’s hospitals claim the credit when zero deaths have become the new normal?”

  1. In, ‘more on wordpress’, I see a lot of blogs being written about the ‘NHS’ and it’s not good. They are about the ‘NHS’ in ENGLAND. It’s on it’s knees. Heard a programme many years ago on BBC radio4, when they did decent radio, about how the NHS was being prepared for privatisation by the BritGov, not sure who was in power at the time, poss even New Labour. Basically said Thatcher lay the groundwork, and there was just a few years to go before it could be properly dismantled, all being instigated by the neocons, and sold to the US. It was on the bag. It’s just taken them a bit longer than they had planned. Cannot imagine what Scotland would be like right now with no NHS, a pandemic, no Scottish parliament and a far right London government in charge, it would literally be hell on earth.

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  2. The numbers entering hospital in England and Scotland are roughly the same at present. That is surprising given the respective numbers of populations. The explanation may be that, in England , a new triage service is serving to keep possible covid19 cases out of hospital and possibly out of contact with a GP.

    Since June, the numbers of covid19 deaths recorded on death certificates has been consistently higher, by around 30 daily, than the number of covid19 deaths found by testing.

    The number of excess domiciliary deaths in England remains higher than than the average over recent years.

    It is possible that some covid19 deaths in England are being shifted away from hospitals to homes (while the numbers in care homes shift upwards) and fewer numbers of covid19 deaths that occur may be being recorded.

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    “The consulting giant McKinsey & Company is set to bank £563,400 for several weeks of work to help define the “vision, purpose and narrative” of a permanent organisation to manage the coronavirus test and trace programme.

    A contract document, made public ahead of today’s announcement that test and trace chief Baroness Dido Harding will lead a new National Institute for Health Protection, shows the Department of Health and Social Care enlisted McKinsey’s help in May to consult on what a permanent test and trace organisation should look like….

    ….Under the deal, McKinsey is authorised to process personal data for test and trace personnel, contractors, customers, users and suppliers, for seven years after the work is completed. The data includes people’s names and addresses, driving licence details, pay, biometric data, next of kin contacts and medical conditions.

    Once the work is finished, McKinsey will own all concepts, tools and databases and other outputs it has generated. It has agreed to give DHSC a worldwide, royalty-free licence to use and copy any tools developed through the work.”

    This has great potential to be………


  4. Noticed yesterday on Tabby that the percentage of people hospitalised in Scotland is narrowing between Scotland and England.
    One month ago England was about x4 now it is about x2
    That seems odd. Any explanations? It could be a good thing. More care in Scotland and early releases in England.
    There is a graph on the Scotland page showing hospitalizations (drop from 305 to 254 in last month) but nothing comparable for the UK page.


    1. Psyber Attack
      · 11 Aug
      Something doesn’t add up here. See if you can spot it…

      People in hospital: 267
      Cases (last 30 days): 687
      Population: 5,463,300

      People in hospital: 647
      Cases (last 30 days): 20,117
      Population: 56,286,961

      Data sources: Scot/England Dashboards, (August 10th)
      Show this thread

      It is the new triage system, so say the tweets. More people advised to stay at home with symptoms and be treated there. Deaths at home continue to above those normally expected based on past averages.

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