According to the Herald:

NHS workers in Scotland are at “breaking point” due to staffing shortages and heavy workloads, while more than half do not feel valued in their jobs, according to a new survey. A poll by Unite Scotland found that more than 80 per cent of workers have experienced staff shortages, while four in five have also had to work over their contracted hours.

Typically, liked a failed S6 project, this report, released only to the Herald it seems and so not open to scrutiny, does not tell us what we need to know before we can take any notice of the findings:

  • What percentage of NHS staff are members of Unite?
  • What percentage of Unite members responded?
  • Was the sample of responses a self-selecting ‘squeaky wheel’ group?
  • How were the questions worded to avoiding leading?

We do know from a properly conducted survey with a transparent methodology, in February 2020, with a 63% response rate (high), from all of NHS Scotland’s staff, that satisfaction levels were high (78 to 84%):