Only SNP leaders are the faces of disaster

In the Herald this morning, why is the First Minister the face of a viral outbreak in Scotland’s largest health board? Is there no top administrator, no infection control expert, no image of the area or of its major hospitals?

Why is the First Minister the face of redundancies? Is there no chief executive, no trade union leader, no image of one of the industries or one of the towns it is based in?

Here’s what an outbreak looks like in Leicester:

And in Belfast:

And in Wales:

Here’s what redundancies look like outside of Scotland:

It’s not just the First Minister. The Health Secretary is preferred to the health board manager or the hospital itself:

And, of course, back in 2012, the wishes of millions across the Yes movement were conflated with those of one man in an attempt to undermine the campaign:

18 thoughts on “Only SNP leaders are the faces of disaster

  1. Nicola Sturgeon is the face of the SNP, the BBC and MSM are the Tory face , regardless of who is ultimately responsible for anything from brushing the streets to steering a nuclear sub into base , the face of Nicola Sturgeon is great for hammering the SNP when anything goes wrong !

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  2. John, I would be incredibly pleased if you produced this you tube video embedded in an article

    It addresses the issue of how much debt would Scotland owe on becoming independent. Some people prefer an audio-visual format, and this is just 10minutes long.

    The short answer is: none. IF there was some insistence that Scotland should pay its ‘fair share’, then England would owe us. In the highly unlikely situation that it was agreed to pay compensation to England for its debt, it would only be the interest payments that would ever be owed, and they would be tiny.

    We all need to know this, and use this as open source material, for any time you see someone throw in the argument of Scotland being ‘too poor’ and start bandying about random made up numbers at you. You should become aware of when someone is just quoting random numbers at you, and be able to respond with enough information tackling the main thrust of their ‘argument’.

    I know that I am being demanding on this – but it is important. It doesn’t suit everyone to know about the economy, but we need a large enough proportion of our populace – of us – to understand some hard facts on WHY Scotland would not be poor or burdened by debt. If you believe that’s ‘someone else’s job’, then whose? Who is going to do it, and why should they? You can only convince someone else to do by knowing enough yourself to convince them.

    IF you are serious about wanting to realise an independent Scotland, you need a solid understanding of why and how it CAN be a reality, we are our own advocates. Everyone can and should play a part. Many people commenting on here visit other blogs and are fairly active online – and you could be using this information to beat back the naysayers.

    This is just one question answered – but as usual it’s not a simple answer – there are many arguments about this that will veer off in different confounding directions that they don’t understand – make sure you know when they don’t understand, and know how to respond or where to go for the information you need – asking questions on John’s blog is a perfectly legitimate way to get that information. Any economical question you have, someone here will try and address it.

    The anti-independence hype is going to ramp up to screeching levels pretty soon now – be absolutely certain that your desire for independence is not a pipe dream, and know why.

    Debt is just one facet. Another, still oft-quoted, to try and end a discussion is ‘yeah but what currency will you use’ – the answer is ‘our own, of course’ : do not be put off by that question, and don’t be scared to answer in that way, in fact please do even even if you don’t yet understand why it’s the right answer.

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    1. Yes this is an excellent little video by Richard Murphy. I watched it on Richard’s Web site this morning then copied it to the family whatsapp for further dissipation. Wonder when Richard’s article will make it to the MSM?




      2. Hi Robert, the link to Richard’s blog:

        He has produced a wealth of material recently pertaining to Scotland, and a lot of handy (shorter) videos to do with general matters on debt and any economy that help to inform – it is well worth having a rake around and see what sparks your interest. His article on the subject above is on his blog and has been publish in the National over the past two days (apparently).


    2. Contrary

      I am certainly going to keep and pass on the link to Richard Murphy’s talk.

      I want to invite you, please, and others to do the same with this video. I paid for its production. A talk by Professor David Walsh of Glasgow Centre for Population Health on health inequalities in Scotland.

      Towards the end of the talk, Professor Walsh says what most of us know – that the powers needed to address the fundamental causes of health inequalities are reserved. He also observes that nobody in Scotland is doing anything about the fundamental causes. I have long been surprised that there has not been a sustained campaign in Scotland on this issue.

      I noted in the Irish Times this morning an editorial article that included the observation that “polling evidence from Scotland suggests there is a strong momentum in favour of independence among elite and public opinion there.”

      The appearance of the word “elite” reminded me of the article by former SNP MP, George Kerevan, which I hope some here have seen.

      Here is the link to the video. despite wide advertising of the talk there was small attendance. Professor Walsh will happily do more talks.

      David Walsh’s Talk 1

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      1. Oh yes, that’s an excellent talk – I have seen it before, but it will be worthwhile watching again (when I have more time later!). Thanks for posting Sam, and well done getting it produced in the first place! We often miss out on a lot of great information because it isn’t recorded.

        I saw that piece in the Irish Times and like you noted the use of the word ‘elite’,,, but they didn’t really elaborate on what that really meant.


  3. It’s an old and well established technique. If the ‘concealed oligarchy’ of the south wish to damage and destroy a movement the first step is to identify in the public mind one leader who will be made to represent the totality of that movement. The next step is to destroy that leader’s reputation and credibilty by unrelenting negativite presentation of the chosen target on as wide a front as possible.
    For an example from the past of how it feels to be at the receiving end of this process and how effective it can be, folk could read with interest the memoirs of the German Kaiser written in 1923. It’s a bit of an eye-opener on how the process works over a long time span.

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  4. To quote Richard Murphy:

    ” Scotland won’t be BURDENED by debt on becoming Independent, Scotland will be liberated FROM debt on becoming independent”

    Those are the economic realities – and if people, all our ‘soft noes’ aren’t convinced of that benefit I don’t know what will convince them. (Getting them to believe it is our job)

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  5. The old ‘ guilt by association ‘ angle being trotted out once again. It’s not as if the First Minster didn’t warn, forecast, predict localised outbreaks. It’s not as if we haven’t had previous examples D&G for example, but that’s why we have a test, trace and isolate system in place, which the FM and the Health Secretary are responsible for implementing. This outbreak has presumably been picked up because of TTI, so that’s a good thing, right?

    As for redundancies, well there is just 1 person with sole responsibility for this crisis, The Chancellor of the Exchequer , Sunak. Removing Furlough payments, making employers responsible for NI and pension contributions and very soon the calling in of business loans has created the perfect storm. It’s not as if it wasn’t predicted, not as if UK gov wasn’t warned, repeatedly what the consequences would be for not continuing furlough etc, allowing company’s time to rebuild their businesses. It’s why the SG called for the extension, its why they wanted increased borrowing powers.
    I sincerely hope the FM gets tore into the media and the UK for this.

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    1. Yes, Sunak and the uk government are making some huge mistakes, it will be disastrous, and it is us that will have to pay the consequences of.

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  6. Sorry to repeat myself, but you don’t notice until you’ve noticed, then it’s everywhere.

    Keep up the good work. And please do embed that video. There are lots of different site out there and I – and thousands like me – have never heard of them. We need information and we need to know where to get it.

    The time to start changing that is now. It seems to me that the ‘Other Side’ aim to start stopping us before we start!


  7. Alternative fact.

    “Hendrik Klaassens #FBPE #FBPEGlobal #FBR
    Scientists say women leaders have done better at fighting covid19.

    Female-led countries locked down significantly earlier after fewer cases, and had fewer cases and deaths overall.

    Women leaders are less willing to take risks with lives and lead in a more democratic style.”

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  8. Also, Sandwell Council has done this. Imagine the storm if a Scottish Council had done it for the same reason.

    “Rowland Manthorpe
    One of the councils in England worst hit by coronavirus has set up its own contact tracing service to counteract the flaws of the national system”

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  9. Johnson, the buffoon, tells us a second wave is on the way in the rest of Europe. Keeps quiet about this.

    “Christina Pagel
    The 7 day daily average number of confirmed cases in UK has now gone up for 12 of the last 13 days. Today’s number was 200 higher than last Wednesday. Seeing the number of people tested in tomorrow’s Test & Trace report will be crucial in understanding what is happening.”


  10. There is only one way To stop this Stupid Persecution

    WHY ARE SCOTS MEDIA (well english owned scots based)



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