STV cub reporter goes for full tabloid shock misrepresentation of reality

So, 13 days without one death confirmed, no new admissions into intensive care for three weeks now, and Dan goes for the 8 suspected deaths, some of whom had tested positive more than 28 days before, in the previous week, because the total passes a neat, rounded number.

Not only is the headline a cheap selection from the range of possible headline information, to try to alarm and to attract readers, but it is also inaccurate. The 4 200 represent the combined confirmed and suspected cases.

The ‘death toll‘ can only meaningfully refer to confirmed deaths but, of course, these have unhelpfully, for cub reporters, stalled for 13 days now. Maybe we’ll get one confirmed death soon and he can write:

Coronavirus death toll in Scotland rises above 2 491!

4 thoughts on “STV cub reporter goes for full tabloid shock misrepresentation of reality”

  1. To be fair (I do like to try to be fair…) if you plough on far enough down the information is there.

    BUT it’s how it’s reported that’s getting up my nose. One of the first rules of any review is to sandwich a negative statement between 2 positives. Here, if a positive fact can’t actually be presented negatively, it’s surrounded by 2 discouraging statements, eg

    “The latest fatalities in the week ending July 26 take the coronavirus death toll in Scotland to 4201.

    “It comes even as separate daily Scottish Government figures show no deaths among confirmed Covid-19 patients for 13 days.

    “However, the 22 new infections detected in Scotland – accounting for 0.7% of those tested in the last 24 hours – bring the country’s total cases since the pandemic began to 18,580.”

    The explanation as to why the “…daily Scottish Government figures show no deaths…” does appear further down. Just not here, where it would have made sense.

    I’d’ve pointed this out to STV, asking if they’re trying to demoralise the already pressured population deliberately. But, as seems to be the case with most ‘reports’ on Scottish matters, there doesn’t seem to be a commenting facility. (Another thing I’ve noticed!)

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