No, not him, it seems

Consider this. In two large hospitals in one part of Britain:

  • widespread failings across departments and getting worse
  • “continued and unnecessary harm” for patients
  • “continued and unnecessary harm” for patients
  • as many as 1,500 cases being examined after mothers and babies died and were left with serious disabilities due to poor care 
  • more potential criminal cases being investigated, than any other NHS trust
  • senior nurses “do not highlight or challenge poor practice”

The hospitals are in Shropshire, England.

In an extensive report by a newspaper typically critical of the Conservative Government, the Independent, there is not one mention of that government or of its health minister. No opposition politician has called for his resignation.

Readers will know that deaths in single figures, where an infection may have been a contributory factor but could not be proven to be so, in Scottish hospitals, typically do lead to opposition calls for the resignation of the Health Secretary and the headlining of those calls across the MSM.

Nothing more clearly reveals the agenda of our MSM.