Capitalism for care workers and socialism for care home owners in Skye

In the Herald today, we read that a member of staff has retested positive for Covid-19. We then hear from NHS Highland how it is dealing with the situation, testing and managing the incident

The owners of the care home, HC-One, do not feature in the report. Threatened with the loss of their licence to operate the home, when ten residents died and all of the staff were infected, HC-One have since made sufficient improvements to keep it along with, presumably, fees of up to £1 000 per week.

STV has summarised the events:

Although that inspection did raise some issues in relation to the use of PPE and indeed the storage of some medicine, it’s not maintained by the petitioners that the position is that people are currently seriously at risk in terms of their health.” The licence suspension application has now been dropped and care home owner HC-One has been given a three-week deadline to explain its future plans. Another hearing will take place on August 21. Malcolm Gunnyeon, representing HC-One, told the court the home is being run as a partnership between it and NHS Highland.ADVERT

He said: “HC-One do remain the registered operator of the home and responsible for its management. “There is a partnership between NHS Highland and HC-One which is currently operating the home and that partnership having resulted in the improvements which give rise to the interim suspension application being dropped. “I don’t accept that NHS Highland are currently running the home, it is a partnership of which HC-One is very much a part.”

So, no mention of increased staffing or better pay and conditions but taxpayer’s funds being used to prop up private, corporate, employers?

As with the slave-owners compensation in the 19th Century to the bankers bailout in 2008, it’s capitalism for the workers and socialism for the employers when they need help.

6 thoughts on “Capitalism for care workers and socialism for care home owners in Skye”

  1. In case anyone gets excited on the ‘tests positive again’ part, remember the first test may have been a false positive or this test may be a false positive.

    (If it’s a routine test the person would presumably be asymptomatic which reduced test effectiveness too)

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  2. It would have been good if the Scot. Gov. Had managed to take over the running of the home, at the end of the day the judiciary stopped this happening.

    BBC Radio In Scotland between 7.10 and 7.20am

    Westmonsters Power Grab: Brian Taylor “People wont be concerned / interested in food standards , I just can’t see it”

    Schools returning to full time Education : Laura McIver reads out text from a mother her child is thriving on home learning, loves it and doesnt want to go back to school.
    When there was to be part time education “Blended Learning” all we got was what a disaster it would be, parents desperate to get kids back to full time education.

    Lt. Col. Thomas Georg John Tugenhadt MBE Vr MP
    “Putin has said Scottish Independence is in Russia’s interest”
    Bill Whatford pretended to be surprised and got Tugendhat to repeat his claim several times.

    Tugendhat is focused on preventing Scottish Independence
    22nd June New European. ” Accused of Hypocrisy After Claim Break-up of Union Would Destabilise Whole of Nation”

    14th Feb 2020 BBC QT. ” Heart Breaking Plea to Nicola….”

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  3. STV
    Are now in various matters beginning to sail too close to the wrong wind
    Keep it up boys & girls
    You are a commercial organisation reliant
    On viewers attract much needed revenue
    SWITCH OVER from our side coming their way soon
    Know thy Foe
    Be ruthless
    Especially when you know their weakest spot is their pockets
    Easy pickings for us

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  4. Fake News …Anyone?
    Is it not possible or feasible even for the Scot Gov to push thro’ legislation that makes media lies/disinformation a criminal offence both for the organsation itself and also the editorial team for news broadcast/ circulated in Scotland?
    It could place on those responsible a legal duty to ensure information published /broadcast is accurate. It may not prevent them now but it just might lead them to think about the consequences of their actions and on Independence surely could form the basis of legal action/criminal charges against these disgusting organisations/people.

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    1. But what is possible
      Is to completely ignore them,pay no licence or do not use or buy the commercial products
      The one sure thing these skunks understand is money and that is their softest spot
      So hit and hit it hard
      Their next week spot is their arrogance and smug vanity
      So ignoring them is very big hit in their
      Most vulnerable area
      Know thy Foe
      And where when and how to land blow upon blow upon them
      After all how do they hit us back
      They are Paper Tigers
      Float like a butterfly
      Then sting like a bee

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