Good Mourning Scotland: Scotland’s Heart of Darkness

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‘Us Scots will eat any old shite as long as it’s fried!’

From Clydebuilt:

It would have been good if the Scot. Gov. Had managed to take over the running of the Skye care home. At the end of the day the judiciary stopped this happening.

BBC Radio In Scotland between 7.10 and 7.20am:

Westmonsters Power Grab: Brian Taylor “People wont be concerned / interested in food standards , I just can’t see it”

Schools returning to full time Education : Laura McIver reads out text from a mother her child is thriving on home learning, loves it and doesnt want to go back to school.
When there was to be part time education “Blended Learning” all we got was what a disaster it would be, parents desperate to get kids back to full time education.

Lt. Col. Thomas Georg John Tugenhadt MBE Vr MP
“Putin has said Scottish Independence is in Russia’s interest”
Bill Whatford pretended to be surprised and got Tugendhat to repeat his claim several times.

Tugendhat is focused on preventing Scottish Independence:
22nd June New European. ” Accused of Hypocrisy After Claim Break-up of Union Would Destabilise Whole of Nation”

14th Feb 2020 BBC QT. ” Heart Breaking Plea to Nicola….”

7 thoughts on “Good Mourning Scotland: Scotland’s Heart of Darkness”

  1. Yes. I heard this it was propagandist bombast. Full British Nationalism of the kind BBC Scotland did in 2014.


  2. Tugenhadt
    Is completely and utterly delusional
    Here is a synopsis of UK current military
    UK can no longer build main battle tanks
    Swiss Army has more than UK and modern German tanks
    UK Challenger no longer. Fit for purpose
    Would be wiped out in minutes of engagement with Latest Russian model
    UK at a push could actually only put 23k
    Fighting front line troops into battle
    Severe shortage of recruits of correct calibre for modern warfare
    2.RAF at best no more than 100 front line
    Severe shortage of key parts to sustain a air battle for any length of time
    More than likely UK will no longer build any military aircraft in the future
    Brexit almost makes that certain
    Lockheed Martin F35 seriously over budget and hideous to maintain
    China now has radar system that seriously negates its capability

    F35 in combat cannot fly supersonic
    Due to serious issues with after burners and air frame
    Other than trident
    Only 5 fighting ships fit for purpose
    Very. Very Very serious shortages of vital
    Equipment and High tech crews
    Ah but they think Best in The World
    Utter total Coital Bovine Scatology
    What do you think Huawei nonsense is all about
    Fuck all to do with security
    USA knows the game is up with China
    Who in High Tech industries are beginning to overtake the supremacy of
    The US which in turns leads to loss of US power and economic clout
    UK.once had not that long ago world class
    Military and High tech companies
    But under Tory free market madness they were all sold off to Foreign interests
    And so that Finance would be main stay of economy and that is a busted flush now
    And little N.Sea revenues to embark on a new economic course
    They know this all too well and that is the 1 and only reason We shall have to take our Indy as it us suicidal for them to give us
    But they forgot that the biggest ace is held by us when support for INDY goes 60% plus
    Because that is the exact point that the rubicon is crossed It is ours to take and not for them to give
    No way can they possibly hold out in Gloabal terms against refusal with support over 60%
    Do you seriously think that behind the scenes that The EU,RUSSIA & CHINA
    will sit back at watch from the sidelines
    As a old knackered former colonialist with no power or influence left tramp all over us without serious repercussions from whom are their Natural Foes
    But be very careful regards USA
    Faslane and our Northern and Western coasts and waters are Vital for US purposes
    We in Scotland are ignorant of just how Strategic Scotland is in global terms
    And that is why UK must not make a wrong move now
    Because it is not in the interest of The EU
    Russia or China to have a strong UK
    their preferred stance is a spent weak
    Disabled England who for too long have along with US have imposed Neo liberal
    Uncontrolled capitalism upon the rest
    And all the chickens are coming home to roost now
    The big power brokers all know this
    And I bet you a bottom dollar once Scotland Indy that the EU find a way to fast track our re entry
    Because they are the Buffer between the rise of China/ Asia and the hastening decline of USA
    Scotland is a little pawn on the chessboard
    But one that occupies a position upon it that takes the game to checkmate
    This is not fanciful it is Reality
    Their is a Buddhist saying
    Remember that even the smallest of peebles cast upon the most still of waters
    Can make the biggest splash and waves

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  3. John , as you were listening to Toodleoothenoo Taylor on Radio Scotland talking Scots down , over on Radio 4 Professor Stephen Reicher was doing a grand job of talking the Scottish government up . Justin Webb made a poor fist of derailing the professor who credited the Scottish handling of CV19 with much success once it had departed from slavishly following in the coat tails of Westminster .

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    1. Its always interesting to compare news on Radio4 with what’s dished out up here . Often get more positive articles on things Scottish.
      The staff aren’t so focused on putting us down.

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    2. Professor Reicher was interviewed on Ch4 News about trust in the Westminster Government’s advice – answer: “there is almost nane!”

      Prof Reicher was identified as speaking from ‘Fife’ (Why not St Andrew’s?). However, it was obvious that he had been told DO NOT MENTION SCOTLAND OR MAKE COMPARISONS WITH ENGLAND AND THE UK GOVERNMENT.

      If he had wanted to talk about trust he could have given the information regarding the SG and the FM. However, he pointedly avoided any mention of anything Scottish. He used the term ‘UK’ throughout, although he was speaking of England, but, sadly many of his viewers see the terms as synonyms.


  4. Lunchtime news for “Scotland” (always late). Slight increase in the economy.
    Whose picture does BEEB Hootsmon show? Boris of course.

    “Product Placement for Dummies”…………………by Dummies!

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