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‘Us Scots will eat any old shite as long as it’s fried!’

From Clydebuilt:

It would have been good if the Scot. Gov. Had managed to take over the running of the Skye care home. At the end of the day the judiciary stopped this happening.

BBC Radio In Scotland between 7.10 and 7.20am:

Westmonsters Power Grab: Brian Taylor “People wont be concerned / interested in food standards , I just can’t see it”

Schools returning to full time Education : Laura McIver reads out text from a mother her child is thriving on home learning, loves it and doesnt want to go back to school.
When there was to be part time education “Blended Learning” all we got was what a disaster it would be, parents desperate to get kids back to full time education.

Lt. Col. Thomas Georg John Tugenhadt MBE Vr MP
“Putin has said Scottish Independence is in Russia’s interest”
Bill Whatford pretended to be surprised and got Tugendhat to repeat his claim several times.

Tugendhat is focused on preventing Scottish Independence:
22nd June New European. ” Accused of Hypocrisy After Claim Break-up of Union Would Destabilise Whole of Nation”

14th Feb 2020 BBC QT. ” Heart Breaking Plea to Nicola….”