Leading figure in the self-described ‘anti-SNP’, Scotland in Union, covert writing group, Hugh Pennington is never ever described as such in numerous outings across Scotland’s MSM. Though well-known to Murdo Fraser, List MSP, he has never questioned the fairness of this deceit.

Today, however, Fraser is concerned about the fairness of Professor McHarg’s political credentials, Green and Yes, being missed out on Good Morning Scotland.

Fraser is correct. Listeners were entitled to know of her background. To do otherwise was undemocratic.

Perhaps we can now count on Fraser to call for fairness in reporting these regulars in our media and to insist we hear of their political allegiance each time:

  • Brian Monteith, Brexit MEP and former Con MSP.
  • John McLelland, Con councillor and former adviser.
  • Gina Davidson, Labour adviser.
  • Brian Wilson, Labour minister.
  • Dr Stuart Waiton, Brexit candidate.
  • Hugh Pennington, Scotland Matters/Scotland in Union.
  • Allan Sutherland, Scotland in Union
  • David Bone, Scotland in Union
  • Professor Gill Stevenson, Scotland in Union
  • Phil Tate, Labour/Scotland in Union
  • Any one of Anas Sarwar’s relatives

There are more.