SHOCK: Scottish Tory calls for fairness in reporting

Leading figure in the self-described ‘anti-SNP’, Scotland in Union, covert writing group, Hugh Pennington is never ever described as such in numerous outings across Scotland’s MSM. Though well-known to Murdo Fraser, List MSP, he has never questioned the fairness of this deceit.

Today, however, Fraser is concerned about the fairness of Professor McHarg’s political credentials, Green and Yes, being missed out on Good Morning Scotland.

Fraser is correct. Listeners were entitled to know of her background. To do otherwise was undemocratic.

Perhaps we can now count on Fraser to call for fairness in reporting these regulars in our media and to insist we hear of their political allegiance each time:

  • Brian Monteith, Brexit MEP and former Con MSP.
  • John McLelland, Con councillor and former adviser.
  • Gina Davidson, Labour adviser.
  • Brian Wilson, Labour minister.
  • Dr Stuart Waiton, Brexit candidate.
  • Hugh Pennington, Scotland Matters/Scotland in Union.
  • Allan Sutherland, Scotland in Union
  • David Bone, Scotland in Union
  • Professor Gill Stevenson, Scotland in Union
  • Phil Tate, Labour/Scotland in Union
  • Any one of Anas Sarwar’s relatives

There are more.

7 thoughts on “SHOCK: Scottish Tory calls for fairness in reporting

  1. In fairness, it should be pointed out that Murdo is not dealing from a full deck.

    Brit Nats infest our airwaves, media and daily lives, often pretending to be something they are not.
    Journalists, politicians, economists, virologists, “experts”, historians, friends of the people, socialists—-here I must stop—the list is too long and life is too short.

    All we need is full disclosure of association, whether political, philosophical or personal financial gain.

    With Freedom of Information rights in regard to “players” like the BBC.

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    1. Their is ZERO we need to know of them
      And that is due to we fully know what they are
      As well as all being tarred with the same brush
      And as of now we should quite simply refer to each and everyone
      As The Purveyors of Coital Bovine Scatology and very firmly coat them with OUR tar brush


      1. Hi premier!
        I respect your views and where you’re coming from on this. Were you planning on adding a few feathers to the tar?

        The problem is they’re not aiming this at people like you, who do know. They’re aiming it at people like me, who don’t. We need all the info we can get and we’re not getting it.

        Misguided folk – or even sneaky weasels – are entitled to their views, however noxious. (In fact, in some respects it’s better to hear what they’ve got to say on the ground that at least you know they’re there!) Self-proclaimed journalists and others in positions of implied trust should NOT be allowed to get away with not telling me these aren’t the views of ‘ordinary people like me’.

        In fact, I’d go so far as to say I’d aim the tar and the people who aren’t telling us, like this Fraser bloke. Who is he anyway? I mean, apart from a List MSP? Has he done anything good I should know about? I’m pretty new to this Political Awareness thing… 🙂


      2. Yes you do need as much info as you get in your hands but it is out there for all who care to look
        But put your feet into our foes shoes and here is what you see
        1.They are now on a War full alert footing
        2.They are bloody desperate and this will only cause more errors by them
        3.They know that the chances of winning new recruits to their futile cause is NIL
        4.given 3.above it is now a desperate attempt to keep the doubters doubting
        5.As for the Doubters it is our actions
        And not our words that are the persuasive
        Tool,the virus proves such
        6.Serious consideration should be given by our side to organise some form of publicly calling them out when they blatantly lie and openly calling them liars
        And telling them that if they DO RETRACT IN 24 HRS
        (Crowd funding could really help)
        then legal proceedings will begin
        Take the bloody gloves now
        Let them know they have a fight on their hands & no quarter given or sought
        This is a fight to the bitter end
        And as long as a 100 of us draw breath
        We shall fight
        I care not if we lose a 100 battles and it is the last one that we must and shall win
        This since 2014 is unfinished business
        Know thy Foe


  2. On a related topic, Prof Robertson, did you ever hear back regarding your letter(s) about SiU? (She asks, innocently…)


  3. Maybe gavinochiltree’s comment is on to something…

    perhaps Murdo wanted Prof McHarg’s political credentials to be shared so that listeners were aware they were about to hear someone talking sense in amongst all the BritNat and SNP baaaad bleating that usually fills Good Morning Scotland?


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