Glasgow hospitals unique strategy to support staff hidden from BBC Scotland viewers

From our Glasgow Correspondent, Brian McGowan, described by him as ‘a brilliant and progressive idea.’

He’s spot-on:

Welfare Hubs get the thumbs up from NHSGGC staff

“It’s a place to take a break from being a nurse and feel like a person again.”

This is just one of the positive comments received by NHSGGC about the R&R hubs which were established to support staff wellbeing during Covid-19. The Hubs were created at the beginning of the pandemic to give all members of staff the space to relax and recuperate away from their work environments. They were based on international learning where hospital clinicians working directly with the impact of COVID-19 benefited significantly from dedicated relaxation areas. Each Hub has different spaces: Café Space for eating and drinking, Active Space with games and possibly gym equipment, Quiet Space for Relax/Reflection.

A survey of more than 700 staff has now given an insight into just how beneficial these Hubs have been at this crucial time. Of those surveyed, 87% praised the pleasant environment, 65% enjoyed the quiet space it offered and 65% also enjoyed the welcome they received from the airline staff and our other volunteers.

One doctor said they felt more efficient and focussed when returning from a break at the Hub and said: “Personally I feel much more supported, as rest areas for staff allow a sense of team spirit and comradeship to develop and be maintained.”

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2 thoughts on “Glasgow hospitals unique strategy to support staff hidden from BBC Scotland viewers

  1. Looking after the welfare of very dedicated and highly stressed workers – what a great idea.
    Note, however, if the manager of a private, for profit health business tried to implement something like this s/he would run the risk of being sacked if it impacted shareholder earnings. Just saying…..

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  2. In fairness to the meeja (I know, I know!), I actually DID see a report on this. Not sure whether it was BBC Scotland or not. BUT…
    …also in the interests of fairness, it was from the pov of how wonderful it was of the laid-off airline workers to use their skills to support the NHS and how grateful the staff were.

    And I don’t think it ran for very long


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