There seems to be no clear record of where Scotland’s 7 coronavirus fatalities took place. Looking back through media reports, I think the figure is 2.

Greater Glasgow and Clyde has 110 cases. If 2 have died that gives a ratio of 18 per 1 000 cases. Last night the Scottish average was 19 per 1 000, the UK average was 49 per 1 000 and the figure for Italy a few days ago was more than 80!

So, contrary to all the guff, we and they have suffered at the keyboards of BBC and Herald health correspondents, Anas Sarwar MSP and, only yesterday, a medic who is allegedly a pal of John Beattie of Drivetime, the outcomes, the real evidence, is that this place and its many staff is one of the best there is and we should be praising them not fabricating stories to undermine them in pursuit of click-bait, scared viewers or because of darker ideological biases.

Some feel I’m overdoing this topic. I might be but it seems like I’m not starting it and, rather, just batting back.