St Andrews rape allegations: The racist and toxic group Scotland’s media ignores

Image St Andrews University

In the Guardian today:

She had been thinking about it for months, says Ms A of the launch of an anonymous Instagram account that has exposed a horrifying catalogue of rape and sexual assault at St Andrews. On a Thursday afternoon at the beginning of July, inspired by stories from friends in the US about similar college callout accounts, and by the sweeping momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement, the 20-year-old set up St Andrews Survivors to give students an opportunity to share their experiences anonymously. Her page offered a simple reassurance: “We hear you. You are not alone. Together we can end sexual assault at our university.” Within 24 hours, she says, the page had “exploded”, hundreds of followers and more than 100 submissions. Much of the intense media interest that followed has focused on the St Andrews branch of a US-based student fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi, to which Ms A believes 12 of the initial allegations are connected. The fraternity has said several of its members have been suspended and it will conduct a thorough investigation.

Neither the Guardian nor any of the Scottish media explain just what Alpha Epsilon Pi is. Though not exclusively for Jews, AEPi, with faculties in the US, the UK, Australia and in Israel, has close ties to the Israel lobby.

The group is recognised by supporters as overtly Zionist.

Its Chicago faculty was accused in 2016 of sending Islamophobic emails and of planning to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day at a fried chicken restaurant.

The group’s Chicago faculty is also accused of extreme misogyny:

Buzzfeed has the details of even more problematic frat emails, and a vile document written as a joke by residents of of AEPi’s frat house with fake rules about how to harass—a.k.a “fuck with”—women:One of the rules says, “No fatties. No one wants to be or be friends with a fat girl fucker. Do not fuck or fuck with or do anything you can avoid doing with a fatty.” Another says, “No crazies. Although good in bed, the legitimately insane have no place with a relatively sane man. Every girl is crazy to some degree, we are talking about the truly bat shit insane.”

A rape trial in 2015 led to the acquittal of the accused, Stephen Coxon, and then a civil action by a St Andrews student known as Miss M.

Coxen is a variant spelling of Cohen:

7 thoughts on “St Andrews rape allegations: The racist and toxic group Scotland’s media ignores

  1. The ABC asked Mark Daly to investigate but he says he too busy trailing pigeon droppings from some hospital or other all the way to Bute House.

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  2. How very deeply worrying and extremely sinister. Weird the so called ‘media’ have ignored this. It must involve or have connections with some folks they don’t want anyone to know about, thought the ‘media’ thrived on this sort of thing! So not surprised that the Britnat ‘media’ are a bit distracted by pan drops and pigoens though, far too important to ignore!

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  3. Whatever the just of your case is it wise to report this. Look at what happened to Jeremey Corbyn. We don’t want to give our media any ground to level the same accusations at the Independence movement.

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