Professor Stephen Reicher says good things about Scotland but still believes the myths about lock-down delay and hospital transfers here

Professor Reicher often speaks well of Scottish Government but like many English experts seems to feel the need to balance the account and does so by repeating myths loved by opposition parties:

He has not replied.

9 thoughts on “Professor Stephen Reicher says good things about Scotland but still believes the myths about lock-down delay and hospital transfers here”

  1. If Jason Leitch was not advocating herd immunity i might buy this.
    The only defence is that because we aren’t Independent we didn’t think like an Independent country but that to me is not a defence but an admission of failure.
    We have to think like an Independent country and NS should have been thinking like the leader of a country and fighting for those rights. She wasn’t, quite the opposite, her main scientific advisor was talking openly about herd immunity.
    It is the same as independence. We can’t have Independence because Westminster won’t allow it.

    I posted links to Leitch’s statements before so i won’t repeat that (plus can’t find them easily) but James Kelly puts it pretty well

    I knew about this virus in late January. We knew then all that we know now but now with a bit more certainty but given that the pre-cautionary principal should have been the guiding force, certainty really shouldn’t have been an excuse.
    I was warning my family, all who were about to travel to France and Spain, not too. All my friends were social distancing and quarantining before the Scottish government said to. I was shouting at the TV. Close the effing schools!!
    In a national emergency you shouldn’t be ahead of the government.
    There is no excuse.

    Since then she has done very well, until now. The border should be closed until England gets it’s numbers down to as low as Scotland. She is is again showing a lack of leadership fit for a nation.

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    1. Fighting for the lockdown and closing the border would be leadership.
      Dealing with the crisis in-between needed good management and communication skills.
      We need both.


      1. Here is Jason Leitch advocating herd immunity on 16th April even though he admits he doesn’t know if immunity is permanent.

        He says we can’t get rid of the virus (he doesn’t go as far as Verity who said neither should we want to, although Leitch wasn’t asked that question).
        Devi Sridar says we can eliminate the virus.
        But we need control of our border not against foreigners but against a virus.


  2. Just listened to Leitch on BBC radio from 14th March
    he is such an idiot i had to stop watching.
    Trying to be funny, well he may look identical to Ken Beattie (James Kirk) on Scots Squad but that doesn’t make him funny. Trying to be light about a pandemic especially when he is talking shyte is not funny.
    He is assuming without doubt that there was no asymptomatic transmission. The fact that there were asymptomatic cases was well established by early March and there was already suspicion of asymptomatic transmission on 21 Feb

    This isn’t hindsight, i knew this then and i know nothing!


    1. There is a more shortened clip but finally found what i wanted as part of a long clip. Dr Eric Ding talking about asymptomatic transmission with certainty on 9th March

      Jason Leitch was denying this even as a possibility on 14th March and was giving public advise based on this false assumption!


      1. I call him motormouth. He merely repeats with great confidence and certainty whatever is the current official line even when it’s misguided.


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