England’s unending death toll 80 times higher per head of population is down to your party and the men you dare not question


Yesterday, England’s 7 day average covid death toll (80.6) was 806 times higher than for Scotland (0.1). Her population is only 10 times greater. Pro-rata then the toll is 80 times greater. This toll is a result of the failure to control infection levels with clear messaging and firm lock-down:


The Conservative and SNP governments have been in control for at least the last decade. The Scottish Conservatives are members of the only Conservative Party in the UK:

Alister Jack and David Mundell - among the Scots Tory MPs who voted against the amendment to protect UK farmers from cheap substandard imports
Mr Thomson (above with Boris Johnson) was previously accused of groping men in the same Commons bar.

This is your leader. His policies are your policies. The death at his door is at your door too.

5 thoughts on “England’s unending death toll 80 times higher per head of population is down to your party and the men you dare not question”

  1. In case you were wondering, England hasn’t eased lockdown too soon:

    According to the new research from Imperial College London, the rate of infection throughout the country was halving every eight to nine days during May.

    There were on average 13 positive cases for every 10,000 people, with an overall reproduction number of 0.57 – lower than previously reported.

    Here’s another example of their research:

    There is no evidence of Covid-19 on the Tube network, an Imperial College study has suggested.

    But 24 (yes as many as 24!)samples collected by scientists at Vauxhall, Pimlico and Victoria stations last month were all negative.

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      1. But interesting to hear that Devi Sridar says she is not pro-lockdown. I think she means that we should aim to come out of lockdown as soon as possible by mass testing, contact tracing and quarantine: killing off the virus altogether.
        Remember in England when they used to talk about mass testing?

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