Sarah Smith accused of pro-SNP bias by shock jock, shock!

Headlines you never thought you’d hear?

Have you heard Dan Wootton? His voice is astounding. I had a headache within seconds. Even stranger though is his apparent belief that Sarah Smith is helping the independence movement. Here’s the English Daily Express on the story:

Speaking on talkRADIO Dan Wootton hit out at the BBC’s Scottish Editor Sarah Smith claiming she had broadcast an SNP puff piece on during the flagship news bulletin. The radio host also lashed out at Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP for using the COVID-19 pandemic to pursue Scottish independence.  Mr Wootton said: “I believe Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are using global health pandemic to cynically pursue independence and the BBC seems to helping them do it.

“This is the Scottish Editor Sarah Smith using last night’s flagship 10pm news bulletin on the BBC hosted by Hugh Edwards to broadcast a feature that was nothing short of a puff piece for the SNP.” Mr Wootton said: “What the h*ll is the BBC doing! Some type of propaganda for the SNP on the 10pm news bulletin.

Wootton’s political journalism credentials are different. The Sun editor and former News of the World ‘showbiz columnist’ broke the Megxit story and Mark Little’s sexting a model behind his wife’s back scandal. No, me neither.

13 thoughts on “Sarah Smith accused of pro-SNP bias by shock jock, shock!”

  1. The awful thing is, when the next referendum comes we’re going to get so much shite like this thrown at us again.

    People in London reading the headlines of Tory press releases as fact.

    On the bright side, it shows why need independence so much. To have a new media not driven by the agenda in London but what happening in our actual communities.

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    1. They threw their “Shite” at us during Indy Ref 1 . . . We increased support for YES dramatically.

      Let them throw their “Shite” they’ve got loads of it!

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  2. If I was drawn to conspiracy theories , I’d say that her uncharacteristic outburst was a stratagem to bolster the BBC’ s claim to neutrality . In this case , it sounded more like a spontaneous ” off piste” slip of the tongue . Let’s hope she’s gets piste off with the usual line more often but more likely normal service will resume as soon as she’s had a good talking to by highheidyins.

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  3. Not had the misfortune to hear Wootton’s voice thankfully. Looks like he fancies himself as a political commenter though, albeit a shouty one. A nobody who thinks he’s somebody, seems like a minor celeb who has maybe been taking lessons in gas lighting. Still, it works on some folk I guess.

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  4. Mr Wootton said: “I believe Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are using global health pandemic to cynically pursue independence …

    Wish I could see some evidence of this. ;o(


  5. Michael Gray was good on his show and Wootton made the same claim (but i am not sure it is good to even engage with that troll).

    Colin Robinson (no relation) in What We Do In the Shadows comes to mind.

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    1. Good god that Wootton lad is excruciating, never heard so much tripe trotted out over Scotland in such a short space of time, unbelievable except presumably to his London fans. Still trying to flog the “Nike conspiracy” ?
      I cannot believe anybody is THAT dumb and can only conclude his opinions are as fake as his smiley voice, eerily reminiscent of “Smashie and Nicey”


  6. Dan Woo-Hoo!

    Yup, the hoolets are out tonight. Woo-Hoo! Woo-Hoo!

    Hon Sarah helping independence? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Thats like saying if you gave Brewer another half a wit, he would be a full wit.


  7. Perhaps he has decided that because she is John Smith’s daughter and since he was probably a communist – in Mr Wooton’s eyes – then she must be, too, and anyone who is not with him is against him, so she must be supporting the SNP


  8. Dan Wootton is a clown.. Heard him on with Michael Gray recently in an extremely bias 2 against 1 anti independence broadcast.. The pandemic isn’t political.. It’s about restricting movements anywhere it is required.. This guy belongs in the circus as a shit stirring act..


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